What We’re Wearing: NS RAG+ Photoshoot

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If you saw Hannah’s review of the NS RAG+ and liked the look of any of her kit, here’s what she was wearing.

No gloves! It must be sunny!

Giro New Road Women’s Classic Ride Shorts

These shorts from the New Road range are shorter than other riding shorts that I own, and I have to pair them carefully with liners to avoid the liners sticking out at the thighs. This is a small price to pay however, as they are ideal for gravel rides or warm summer XC rides on the mountain bike where knee pads are not being worn. They’re slightly stretchy but nicely tailored into a flattering cut. In fact, I’ve worn them as smart shorts to a naming ceremony, press launch restaurant dinners, as well as general about the town day wear. I have managed to stain them with a bit of chain oil, but it doesn’t show up too badly on the not-too-pale grey fabric.

Sun’s out, guns out

These are completely different to any other bike kit I have, but for days when you don’t want to go full Lycra or big and baggy, these are ideal. They’ll be back in he cupboard come autumn as they really are for summer days only, but when the sun’s out these are perfect for getting those legs out.
Comfortable fit and 3 useful rear pockets.

Giro New Road Women’s Ride Merino Jersey

This merino/polyester mix jersey is a lovely shade of petrol blue, and with its three rear pockets it’s a good option for spring rides or cool summer evenings. I do find it a bit too warm for truly sunny weather, and while for some it might also double up as a cool weather base layer, for me the merino is just a touch on the itchy side to be comfortable for this. Nevertheless, I’ve worn it and washed it aplenty, and it’s still in good condition – the shape is still true and it’s not particularly bobbly, despite a few encounters with Velcro in the washing machine. It’s part of an old collection from Giro and isn’t currently listed on the ZyroFisher website, however if you hunt around on the internet some stockists are offering this jersey for around £50.

Plenty of ventilation on this helmet.

Lazer Marie Helmet

This helmet from Lazer has been my go-to helmet for commuting, gravel or road rides, and anything in hot weather. It lacks the fuller coverage I look for in a trail helmet, but for rides where I’m not planning on pushing my limits it has proven comfortable. It’s a fairly simple helmet but the adjustment dial does a good job of tightening the helmet without giving me any pressure points. There’s not a huge amount of padding on the inside, but I’ve found it light enough that this isn’t an issue. The visor is better suited to gravel or light trail use, as it’s not really long enough to provide much protection from spray, but this does mean it doesn’t get in your line of sight on drop bars. Sold as a women’s helmet, there’s nothing here to stop a bloke from wearing it, and I like the quiet design. I’ve worn this for a 12 hour gravel ride and the daylight hours of a 24hour race – such is it’s fit and forget comfort, I know it’s a good option for those days when any niggle would surely become torture.

3 pockets to rear of jersey.

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