Eurobike 2016 – Shimano

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Believe it: dropper posts are going to become more popular on drop bar bikes. It’s an ideal tool for epic events like the 3 Peaks, where the descending is long and sketchy, but also other downward-heavy rides and races as well.

Shimano Koryak
Shimano was keen to point out their new Koryak adjustable post to us. It offers infinite travel, weighs 520 grams and features two different options for the remote.

Some other Shimano bits…
Shimano Stealth Saddle
The curiously-named Stealth Saddle has a wider nose allowing riders to be more forward on the saddle, yet still offering control and comfort. It features a carbon fiber reinforced base, while it is available with carbon or steel rails. The carbon rail version weighs in at 72 grams.

Shimano Stealth Saddle
In the softgoods department, Shimano is rolling out a line of more conservative-looking, yet technical, casual wear. And a couple of packs.
Shimano Soft Goods
Shimano Pack
The packs feature a zipped and padded computer pocket, a plethora of retention straps on the outside for securing whatever gear you have, and the bags are waterproof, complete with a roll-top closure.

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