Issue #008 is Now Digital!

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The print version of #008 hit the streets last week, and today you can find all of that same #dirtydropbargoodness in digital form. Now available on your iOS or Android mobile devices, you’ll find all of the same content from the printed magazine, as well as a newsfeed of stories, columns and product reviews featured daily from our web site.
Current subscribers can use your web site login to unlock the magazine section in the aforementioned apps. If you don’t have the app for your preferred mobile device, you can click here and download the app of your choice.
What’s that? You’re not already a subscriber? Well, then…click here to subscribe right away! In addition to receiving a beautiful printed copy of every three months, you can also choose to have access to the full digital version of the magazine.
Keep in mind that new subscribers can access everything in our archives including the latest issue. How’s THAT for instant gratification! is also available as a web site version. This is a nice way to pretend you’re working at your computer, but you’re really being transported to beautiful and fun places to ride your bike. It’s also a nice option if you don’t have the app on your mobile device. It’s the same content as the app and as the printed magazine, but you can take it all in through your web browser. 008 digital
Just to tease you a little bit, here’s the full Table of Contents, which shows just how much awesomeness we’ve packed into issue #008!

// We’re With the Band
The full line-up of who orchestrated this issue of
// Letter from the Editor
The parallels of cycling and music. By Jeff Lockwood.
// Perspective
A feast of inspiring and engaging photos.
// Events // Dirty Reiver
An American-style gravel event in the United Kingdom. By Greg May.
// Culture // Sleep depravation, moving sofas, and free T-shirts
Documenting Paris-Roubaix the hard way. By Klaus Bellon.
// Column // Happiness is ’Cross
Cyclocross and gravel racing are not the same. By Greg May.
// Column // Better Beer
Your ride home will end in canned beers. By Gordon ‘Evil’ Stovin.
// Events // Lu Lacka Wyco Hundo
100 dirty miles of beauty, difficulty and community in Pennsylvania. By Selene Yeager.
// Column // Beyond Nutrition
Home-made energy drinks for during and after your ride. By David Joachim.
// Events // Dirty Kanza
An introduction to one of the original ‘gravel grinder’ races. By Mike Cushionbury.
// Culture // Trail Radar
Tuning your senses to find new places to ride. By Oliver Townsend.
// Culture // Why Riding Road Bikes on the Road is Stupid
Keep your road bike tyres firmly planted on the dirt. By The Swerve Brothers.
// Events // The Spine of the Dinosaur
UCI Cyclocross racing lands in China. By Ted Burns.
// Column // Simon Says
Simon would like to skip the month of April. By Simon Burney.
// Events // Swiss Cyclocross Torture
Trying to conquer the inaugural Tortour Cyclocross in Switzerland. By Paul Errington.
// Column // In the Pits
Bleeding Your SRAM Disc Brakes. By Julian Thrasher.
// Tech // What Makes a Good Cyclocross Bike?
A conversation with four frame-building masters. By Duncan Moore.
// Destination // Rooley Moor Road, Lancashire, England
Exploring gritty and cobbled roads with two young daughters. By Dave Haygarth.
// Rated // Frog Bikes Road 67
By Dave Haygarth.
// Rated // KTM Canic CXC 11
By Tom Hill.
// Rated // Kinesis Pro6 Disc
By Mark Tearle.
// Rated // Marin Four Corners Elite
By Karen Brooks.
Additional Appendage
The following content is only available for postal subscribers and Premier Dealer customers.
// Culture // Boston Bike Building Pride
A look at the history and community around Seven Cycles. By Brett Rothmeyer.
// Profile // Zach McDonald
Burnout, education and the rest of the story of this young US pro. By Robert Grunau.
// Events // SLO Ride to Hell
Gritty and wet riding that ends in a welcoming winery barn. By Kjeld Gogosha-Clark.
// Epilogue // Dearest
By Chris Klibowitz and Casey Robertson.

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