Eurobike 2014: Shand Cycles

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(This post provided by contributor Karen Brooks)
At a little booth put together by Scottish Development International, this sweet steel bike was hanging out at the entrance:
Shand Cycles
It’s a handmade steel “allroad touring” bike by Shand Cycles, called the Stoater. Like other purpose-built adventure bikes, its geometry is longer and lower for all-day comfort, and it sports full rack and fender mounts, including on the front fork. But this steed looks beautifully clean and classic, fillet-brazed from lightweight Reynolds 853 tubing. They also deal with salted roads in the winter in Scotland so the frame is protected by a hard lacquer coating.

Shand Cycles
Plenty of room for tires up to 45mm.

The elegant rear dropout is the PolyDrop from Paragon Machine Works; it can accommodate just about any rear wheel configuration including singlespeed or Rohloff, while keeping the rear brake caliper out of the way of racks and such. It also has a split point for a Gates belt drive.
Shand Cycles
Shand Cycles
The cast pewter head tube badge finishes it off nicely.

Steven Shand started the company in 2003, and runs the business with his partner Russell Stoat. All welding and paint is done in-house—makes for a beautiful bike indeed, but also means some waiting, although far less than some custom builders. The handmade-ness also means one can choose custom features, and besides the five stock sizes, custom geometry is possible.

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