Behind the Barriers: the video channel you need to know about

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Other than trawling Youtube or Vimeo for video’s of the previous weekend’s cross races, or being sent links, how much cyclo cross action can one find on the old interwebs? Well, you may be surprised at what is out there…..
One such treasure trove of cross specific, race  reporting, behind the scenes exposing moving imagery is Behind the Barriers. Bought to you by the team behind US cross rider Jeremy Powers, its a TV network – in the local parlance, dedicated to bringing the world of cyclo cross to a wider audience – a cause we whole heartedly support
Starting out on Vimeo as a behind the scenes series of humorous documentary shorts in 2010, BTB has morphed into its own video channel with race coverage, reports, interviews and a whole lot more besides. If the BTB phenomenon is new to you, ahead of the coming season, you could check out the last three years worth of J-Pow’s career as he races, dances, mixes and enjoys his way across the US, Europe and beyond.The whole back catalogue is available on the site here or alternatively, you can check them out on their original Vimeo location.
Yes, it has a US bent, as you’d expect from the two times US National Cyclo Cross Champion but there is a whole lot more to the series than just racing. With a new season approaching, we’re looking forward to seeing what J-Pow and the BTB team come up with for Jeremy’s first dedicated cross season (he retired from summer road racing to concentrate purely on cross at the end of last year).
Ahead of the coming races, the team has released their first video of the summer
what is cyclocross
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It should give you a good idea of the style and excitement thats likely to come from the BTB team. The content of this show may seem a bit ‘teach and grandmother to suck eggs’ to the serious cross fan but there is no denying the humour and passion behind J-Pows racing.
BTB TV – quite simply, its an online video channel you absolutely must add to your favourites. In our opinion, there is no other option – heres to the coming season: Owwww!

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