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  • zzzzzz Electric oven (hob) repair tips?
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    I have an Electolux cooker and the hob has stopped working.
    There is an ‘E’ error code that flashes up and the thing beeps at me but won’t turn on. I think its the motherboard/controller for the hob, possibly fried after a power cut recently (it worked fine before!)

    Now, not wanting to make an appearance on either Watchdog or Crimewatch any time soon is there any advice or recommendations for not getting ripped off.
    The reviews for some engineers seem less than encouraging. Electrolux quote £167 all in for parts/labour/guarantee. I believe the part may be more than this alone so possibly favourite option.


    Hmmm … does sound like a board issue but id get somone in as there is a possibility it could be somthing simple like a burnt out fan motor . £167 is pretty good for a manufacturer all in price to be honest – seems steep initialy but cheaper than a new un and guaranteed ..


    That’s not too unreasonable to be fair. I replaced the board and “bespoke Connector block” on our ceramic hob and it was over a hundred pounds from euro spares….however the freekin connector took 8 weeks to get. Camping stove on the hob it was for us in all that time.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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