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  • matther01

    Stanton slackline ti…arrives tomorrow (fingers crossed)


    Got a Covert frame in the post.

    Apparently I’m eligible for the company cyclescheme, so it’s very likely to be a 45650b, for general WeeRide/pub/town duties. I’m thinking raw finish.

    Premier Icon everyone

    The switchback looks absolutely gorgeous doesn’t it.


    Some sort of short travel XC’y 29er. I know, the HORROR!


    Van Halen

    2005 giant trance.

    I’d sell one of the kids for a 26er Jekyll but the wife won’t let me.

    cotic soul. gritstone

    Premier Icon lawman91

    Custom Santa Cruz 5010c. Custom decals, angleset, a burly fork, full xtr and crossmax enduros 8) Not gonna be til late summer time but I can’t wait! Replacing my slightly too small Mojo HD140, be nice to have a new FS having bought 3 HT frames since I’ve had the HD! 😆


    Plus this…

    …and some other bits

    Premier Icon darkcove

    Just bought a bargin Mojo SL Special Blend that’s hopefully on its way as I type. Plan to upgrade the workman like parts to more bling as I go until no one makes 26″ bits.


    I don’t know what it will be called, but it’ll be a full sus 650b with 130-150mm travel and hopefully Titus or On one branded, Brant hinted that something was in the pipeline a while back on another thread.


    If I free up some space

    Premier Icon fatmax
    I’m an xc jey boy, and lanky, and I love my Canyon road bike, and think this is fab value for money.


    Without a doubt this bike is the most fun bike I can remember swinging a leg over. It’s probably overkill for a lot of the riding I do at present, however the confidence it inspired and the fun it provided on relatively mundane trails (FTD at the chase) says to me it’s one of them bikes you can take anywhere and hit it hard. Slow on the up I hear ? More reason to get fitter I suppose 😆


    Oooooo^^^^^^nice Alpine i got the RS at the end of last year you won’t regret getting one of those.

    My next bike will be a lurvely Solaris, frame arrives tomorrow, Thompson inline post, X4 stem and XT 10 spd triple (will be stripped down to single) arrive by Saturday. Let the fun begin, months of mooching for the next part, fantastic.

    Premier Icon Rick Draper

    *Unless a 27.5 Nomad is launched.

    It is been launched:


    Nicolai Ion 16 650b, pikes, ccdb air cs, mavic crossmax enduro should be ready for the end of april!! its my last big hurrah before we get married and start thinking about starting a family…

    Struggling not to buy a Canyon Spectral 29er. Please talk me out of it.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    The same one, with better brakes and a new lick of paint.


    Cervelo R3 with Ultegra 6800 and hand built wheels…probably Archetypes on Hope.

    Unfortunately not up & running until next spring/summer, but this at least allows a bit more time to scrape a bigger budget together…

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    One of these…

    And it’s got to be that older beige colour also.

    But…the new one looks nice…


    Surly straggler, just love the look of it.

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    Would quite like one of these..

    this, but xx1 and a pike…

    need to split (& sell) 2 others 1st though…

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    Probably this

    Premier Icon hot_fiat

    That alpine is indeed gorgeous. I worked out on my early morning ride today that you climb onto a lot of bikes, butwith an alpine you climb into it, slide the canopy shut and hang on.

    Next bike? think I just got approval / acceptance from the wtb for one of these.


    Now have most of the parts for my 29-C build, going to be 1 x 10 with a Hope T-Rex sprocket…

    Premier Icon NZCol

    Carbon Tallboy 2 to replace the LTc. Didn’t really get on with it.

    This, except they’re not available due to the SRAM brake recall, which is doubly frustrating as I don’t want the SRAM brakes anyway, in fact would much prefer cable Shimano or even just get the Plug 5 with the Plug 4 kit*. Just window shopping until I hear about my new job anyway.

    *hopes someone from Charge is listening….

    Premier Icon kiwijohn

    Yeti SB76c.


    Can’t see me “needing” a new bike for a couple of years (can I say that??!?) but if I can sideline some cash from the final salary pension lump sum (for the benefit of Kryton57 😉 ) it’d probably be this –

    Premier Icon turboferret

    I have a Trek Speed Concept 9 frame arriving in the next couple of weeks, which I suppose I should be excited about, especially considering it’s a $5k frame 😀

    Possibly more excited about my new commuter bike – a Charge Mixer frame with Alfine Di2, discs, belt drive, dynamo lights, deep carbon rims, full guards etc. This may be linked to my imminent return to the civilised world after 5 years in India though 😆

    Cheers, Rich

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Rick Draper – Member

    *Unless a 27.5 Nomad is launched.

    It is been launched:

    Not available to buy yet though. *crosses fingers that one will be available before my Whistler trip in August*

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    toxicsoks – Member
    Can’t see me “needing” a new bike for a couple of years (can I say that??!?) but if I can sideline some cash from the final salary pension lump sum (for the benefit of Kryton57 ) it’d probably be this –

    Thats offensive on 2 counts; your exorbitant pension scheme but moreover the fact that you might get my 50th Birthday present before I do. I have plans to get a road Enigma to match the MTB one at that point…


    In the post, well when i say in the post its been ordered but has a delay seems canyon have no small frames, seriously debating to cancel the order and go for the boardman pro, might hang on a few weeks yet.

    Already have the new pedals/saddle and a SLX double chainset, just waiting for the bike. Tempted to get some cheap deore’s brakes when they come round as im sure the avids will fail me at some point.

    Premier Icon dmorts

    Considering one of these:

    Although custom built to bring price down a little

    Premier Icon davetrave

    On return from a 6 month Government funded summer holiday on the Horn of Africa, either:

    A Scott Foil 10


    A Felt AR4

    But upgraded with deep section wheels for full aero radness…

    Premier Icon johnny

    When the parts sale is over it will look a bit like this:

    But with SID 120’s and AM classic wheels 😀

    Premier Icon Brother_Will

    Im fully convinced about the cargo bike thing now so very probably Larry vs Harry in Lime green/lizard king spec running Deore 1×10


    I just want some wheels.

    35-50mm deep carbon loveliness please!

    Just need to find the couple of grand to buy them with first as I want some proper branded ones thinking Zipp, ENVE, Shimano etc…

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    bikey purchases mainly on a bits tip at the moment. Most different would be a 26+ (quarter fat?) front for the rigdiggidy singlespeed.

    Next whole bike (most likely bitsa build) would be a crappy-looking but mechanically sound station bike.

    Premier Icon BigDummy

    I’m quite far along with this…

    Chromag 65 frameset – medium. Almost certainly in RAL 8007 – fawn brown.
    Rockshox Pike solo air, probably travel reduced to 140mm, in white.
    Hope Pro II hubs, probably Stans Flow rims in black.
    Hans Dampf 2.4” trails – tubeless
    Canfield Brothers cranks – black, 155mm
    Canfield Brothers BB
    Chromag Scarab pedals in red
    E13 guidering, narrow-wide in splined fitting for the cranks. 30T
    XT 10-speed cassette and Hope T-Rex 40T additional sprocket
    XT shadow+ rear mech – medium cage, in black
    XTR trigger shifter (i-spec)
    XT trail brakes (black) and ice-tech 180mm rotors
    Thomson dropper post
    Chromag seat-clamp – red
    Chromag Trailmaster Ltd saddle – brown
    Chromag Fubar Acute handlebar – red
    Chromag Ranger stem 50mm, red
    Renthal Kevlar grips
    Hope headset
    Kinky bikes chainstay protector, metallic green

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    ignore me…

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