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  • Your most extravagant/ridiculous purchase?
  • trevron73

    I bought Lamboughini gloves for 280 pounds and i wear them whenever it gets close to 10 degrees.


    £12000 on a pair of ATC SCM 50 Tower active speakers in piano black lacquer. At least they cured my upgrading addiction and sound better than anything I’ve every heard!

    Ditto, ‘cept mine are Classics in cherry & a C4 sub 🙂

    I buy expensive things to fill the many voids…

    Since 2004 I’ve purchased a new motocross bike every 8 months because I honestly believed that after 8 months and 12 hours work thy were waaaay beyond their best and needed replacing. Back in 2004 a new bike was 3.5k. Now they are around the 7k mark.

    A full on DH bike. I live nowhere near anything that could ever challenge it and it has been used in a race once in 12 months.

    A blokart. Nowhere near a beach hence used 5 times in 2 years. Good fun though.

    My iPad 3. 500 quid on impulse. It is great though.


    Ordered some Westone 4R in-ears headphones for £360
    as recommended on
    Now there’s a forum, a 226 page appreciation thread on earphones!

Viewing 4 posts - 121 through 124 (of 124 total)

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