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  • Youngest daughter wants to do Duke of Edinburgh…
  • MrSparkle

    Which is great – it’s something that I would imagine will help her become a bit more confident and ‘grown up’, but … she’s got to write a letter to justify her application and it has to be in by Friday. Nice. So, anybody got any advice for what she should put in it?


    Tell the truth.

    Nope first start to learning all those skills. It is excellent fun abstract definitely worth doing. Good luck!

    Edric 64

    I don’t even think the queen wants to do the Duke of Edinburgh anymore 😆

    I’ve managed a few DoE gold cycle expeditions in the past. Really does seem to be of benefit to those taking part (although they might not see it at the time :wink:) certainly great for me as I get to do nothing but ride my bike all week … saying that I get to ride my bike all week, every week anyway.

    Just be very honest and explain what you belive the benefits of taking part will be. They’re very keen on the whole team aspect, so perhaps drop that in too.


    Eldest daughter did DoE this year. She informs me the application letter consisted of explaining what she intends to do for the skill, physical and service.elements, why and what she will get out of it. My daughter really enjoyed it, hope your daughter does as well.

    Premier Icon santacruzsi

    I done the DofE (award!!!) when I was younger and really enjoyed it. Done it to ‘Gold’ level and enjoyed it, although at the time i didn’t have to write a letter. I suppose she should write about what new skills she will learn, helping out in the community, making new friends, meeting new people, seeing new places, getting fit etc.

    When I went for my job interview at 18, i’d just finished the Gold award, and the lady said that my DofE award helped me get the job over the other candidates. It does still hold value in my opinion.


    Penelope Keith gave me my gold at St James’s

    i have helped teach a gold d of e group last year at my local school.

    I would be ideal if she can outline how she will tackle the course and what her aims are when she is under going the award certificate. Try and link in how this will improve her both within a lifestyle change and how she will benefit in terms of academic achievement.

    If she can explain past and present volunteer hours if applicable and intrest and possible future careers she has in mind i’m sure that this will prove well.

    I am now nearing the end of my Basic Expedition Leadership Award (BELA) so do not hesitate to get in touch with regards to the planning/ hiking side of things.

    I hope this helps Mr Sparkle

    What DOE group is she wanting to be part of? Can’t quite believe that she has to “justify her application.” Strikes me as a weird attitude for the section organisers to have…. still trying to uphold the thought that the Award is some kind of eliteist organisation that only accepts the best of the best.

    I’ve worked and volunteered in DOE groups for the past 18 years. Still can’t understand that some group organisers put young people through an unofficial selection process before they can be part of their group.

    The DOE Award is and should be open to all (rich, poor, black, white, able-bodied or not.)

    Wally Keay and Kurt Hahn would turn in their graves.


    I’d write something along the lines of what you hope to get out of it, i.e. skills and attributes such as confidence, teamwork, decision making etc
    Also I remember I had to list what I planned to do for each section


    I agree, sounds slightly odd – I’ve been teaching/involved with the expedition side of DofE for a good few years and I got my Gold from the Duke himself, and as yet I’ve never has any of the teams I’ve worked with have to justify their places. In fact most of the time we were struggling to recruit enough to make it worth while as it’s hardly fashionable.


    I wish I did it when I was at school 🙁


    Thanks all.
    I might have be jumping to conclusions when I said she had to write a letter to ‘justify’ her application but she has certainly been asked to write something about it. I get the impression that the letter may be an important factor in whether she gets to do the course or not. Maybe it’s just to sort the wheat from the chaff. Who knows.

    Premier Icon RichT

    I help to run a DofE programme which offers Bronze, Silver and Gold. We ask applicants to fill in a form but rarely turn anyone away. It’s only happened when we are massively oversubsribed of if we feel someone doesn’t want to do it but is being pushed into it by a parent etc. We mainly use it to get them to think about what they are signing up for.
    Of course, your daughter’s group may be different, but the advice offered above is all good. She should write about what attributes she can bring to a group (teamwork, organisation etc) and what she hopes to learn and get out of it (confidence, meeting new people, challenging herself, helping others). She should be honest but don’t forget that it is not just about the expeditions, there is a requirement for regular physical activity, volunteering and developing a skill.


    John Suchet gave me my Gold at St. James’s Palace, met the Duke too. He asked where I was from and I said Lincolnshire and he said “Don’t they all have webbed feet there?”.

    Premier Icon santacruzsi

    Lily Savage (yes in drag!!!) Gave me my Gold award at Buck Palace.


    My daughter is going it next year and is very committed to training and such as well as her Saxophone lessons. She has been badgering me for ages to use my lightweight OMM kit for the camping trip.

    Unfortunately her team mates don’t seem to be taking it seriously at all and unless they complete it as a team then she cant continue. I can see a big upset on the cards.

    She has been badgering me for ages to use my lightweight OMM kit for the camping trip.

    I was on the lookout for some lightweight kit a few months back and saw that GoOutdoors do a load of DoE recommended kit from Vango…tents, rucksacks, etc. I’m thinking maybe your OMM kit might have been a bit on the pricey side 😉 It’s not the best stuff in the world (the GO stuff) but it’s good vfm.


    I’m an Operating Authority Manager (among other things) think the letter will be just a i want to do it because…….and i will get……. out of the award. Possibly and idea of what she wants to do in the four sections.

    I’ve just returned from the Scottish General Conference and the number of kids taking DofE up is increasing but the volunteers is not so some groups have to limit the numbers (which is mightily unfair but may be needed to stop dilution of quality) also people who have thought about it carefully are more likely to complete and as with everything if budgets have to be sought a target has to be set and achieved.

    But forget the politics and tell her to go for it. I spoke with some inspiring young people this weekend and that’s why we do it.

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