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  • mrchrist

    Took about 6 months for a complete frame replacement and 3 days for a rear triangle.

    Think they had factory issues in the Far East but weren’t saying a thing to me at the time pretty poor really.


    Not sure if this is good or bad news but my mate has had to warranty his frame 4 times twice through evolution & twice with silverfish think the longest he waited was about 8 weeks. Though last time he got frame back & rode it once & had to return it straight away with same problem (loose pivot)

    Premier Icon vinny666

    Does anybody have any experience of how long this takes to get sorted? I’m waiting for a replacement front triangle for my ASR5c. Silverfish have told me that it was dispatched from the USA last week of May. It hasn’t arrived yet and the last update was they didn’t know when it would get here! I’m starting to get a bit fed up as I was told at first it would take a couple of weeks. We don’t get much of a summer and I’ve spent most of mine on a road bike instead of off-road.


    Broke a 2011 Big Top.
    Replaced via Silverfish within 3 weeks from sending to receiving.
    I was lucky as there was a frame in stock to replace mine with.
    If it hadnt been in stock – I might be in the same boat as you !

    b r

    You might as well buy a 456 frame (or equivalent) and build it up with your bits while you’re waiting – at least that way it’ll not matter so much if it takes longer.


    A mate of mine got a 575 from Wiggle last year. He got the carbon disbond issue and went back to Wiggle. They no longer deal with Yeti but immediately gave him a full refund. Not sure if this is against Yeti warranty or Wiggle, but he’s sorted now with a nice new Santa Cruz Nomad.

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