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  • andrewh

    I need to replace the two bearings where the linkage attachesto the shock on my 2009 ASR-C. The bearings say 698 2RS CKB so I ordered some of these. They were £1.49 + £1.99 P&P. Proper Yeti ones only come in packs of these two, the two at the other end of link and the main two and are £50.
    However, the ones I’ve bought don’t quite fit, the originals have a slightly raised centre and the ones I bought don’t.
    Ins’t the serial number enough to get a match or am I missing something? What do you all use for your Yetis?

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    I think the clue is in the prices.

    Lookup Kasae at Katec Bearings on eBay and get them from him – he’s very good.

    Hob Nob

    I think you’re missing a number off the bearing code. Normally they are a 4 digit one.

    If they have a raised inner race then you’re going to struggle from a bearing supplier. Worth looking at Enduro bearings, they do some with raised inner race’s.


    Thanks guys.
    However, a couple of problems.
    I have checked the code on the bearings (several times!) and there is no missing digit, that is all it says.
    I tried the Enduro site and it pointed me towards BETD as distributor but they aren’t replying to me.
    I can;t find Katec on ebay and a search for Kasae on here hasn’t yielded results. Is he still a forum user?
    Might just end up buying the really expensive bearings and having a couple of spares.
    Had some for my Hope hubs a little while ago, just typed the code into the internet, ordered some for less than a fiver, fitted perfectly and saved twenty quid over the Hope ones, was looking for a repeat performance…


    Hmm, I have bought bearings with the raised inner race just based on the number – I thought that the number included the specification for the raised bit. Perhaps not.

    Mine came from here:

    P.S. The eBay £2 bearings are not as bad as you might imagine, but decent bearings are expensive – E.g. even from standard bearing suppliers, SKF bearings can be £15-£30 each for bike-sized ones. I’m sure there’s an extortionate markup when buying MTB bearing kits, but it’s not really fair to compare eBay bearings to decent-quality ones.

    Premier Icon bigjim

    try asking at the yetifan forums, or emailing Andrew at yetifan if they aren’t in his store. I’ve also seen yeti bearings on pinkbike and ebay, though not specifically for your model.

    I’ve not had to replace my ASR5 bearings yet, will probably just take the hit with ‘proper’ yeti ones as I also have the raised inner race on some of them. I’ve bought katec’s bearings for wheels and for my old trance, but they aren’t far off the cost of ‘proper’ ones and I’m not sure about the brands he resells.


    MB definatley have them Superficial but they a) are £56 and b) include four bearings I don’t need. If I can’t find just the two I’m after then I’ll have to get a set of those, will probably need the others at some pint anyway.
    Good call on the Yetifan site, I’ll head over there and have a look.


    here are some on Yetifan but they are £50. Might have to just stop being so tight and cough up.
    Why do they have to use funny size ones?


    They are in inches so very few companies in the UK will hold them as they are pretty specific to Yeti, so most likely the only place to have stock are Yeti dealers unliekly andrew at Yeti fan or Silverfish.

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