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  • Mrs P is keen on installing a wood burner in our front room, which I like the idea of but have no idea of the practicalities of. I know our chimney was lined rather expensively by the previous owners, and we are waiting for a local chap to come and check out the flue etc.

    In order to help me understand what needs to be done and how to do it, and also to enable the stw regulars to show off their Woodburning expertise, can folk post pictures of their setup and tell me of their experiences, to help a novice in need!

    Many thanks in advance

    You need to build a woodshed forthwith and don’t stop building one woodshed. You have to have enough woodsheds to keep you supplied with wood until the day of the apocalypse. Follow McMoonter’s example. You cannot claim you are a woodburnerist unless you have n+1 woodsheds where n is a integer number of woodsheds that will keep you going until the apocalypse and the +1 is to see you through it (assuming the zombies don’t get you).



    QED n+1, I’ve got enough to build another couple of Holz Hausens probably between Christmas and the New Year.


    McMoonter that first photo is stunning, really like the colours.

    Off on a bit of a tangent, I was driving down an avenue of trees the other day and the colours of the leaves were amazing, actually stopped for a few minutes to take it all in.

    As for the OP you will start to spot potential burning material everywhere.

    Number 1 consideration has to be one of supply. If you don’t have either the time/skills/tools/ability to get logs, or don’t have a decently priced supplier, then I’d think again.

    I quite enjoy getting out and ‘liberating’ logs (as McMoonter so succinctly puts it!).


    Number 1 consideration has to be one of supply. If you don’t have either the time/skills/tools/ability to get logs, or don’t have a decently priced supplier, then I’d think again.

    Wise words.

    This is about 6′ tall, 6′ wide and 3′ deep. I emptied it 4 times last year with evening use of one wood burner (mostly, used it all day occasionally and had two going occasionally):

    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    I’m just doing mine as we speak..

    Well, on the weekends..

    Started a couple of weeks ago,

    Just need to clean it, add the surround, and install the stove/ register plate.

    The room as we found it;

    Knocked through

    Hearth built..

    Plasterboarding done..

    Hearth and chamber tiled…

    Just need to clean up, and re-lay the carpet.

    Hopefully will be finished on Satuday…


    Bit posh for a wood shed isn’t it? Dead handy though. Saves going outside in your slippers in the snow.

    Premier Icon granny_ring

    Excellent log store 5th!

    Excellent wood stores!

    Luckily I work at a business with 200 acres of woodland and heathland, so no shortage of wood, and we have some space to season it after “liberation”. I also love nothing better than adding to the number of sheds in the garden, so a woodshed or two will be no pain at all.

    Teetosugars: thanks for the photos. The space in which you are installing looks pretty similar to the hole we are looking at – what are the dimensions and what are you going to put in there? Also, is there a practical reason to hide the brickwork or is it a purely cosmetic exercise? It looks great, by the way.

    Thanks again – more photos and wise words welcome…just don’t want to burn the house down…

    Premier Icon Teetosugars


    It’s about 90cm x 40cm x 70cm..

    We chose to tile the bricks for aesthetic purposes only, and to be fair, they weren’t in the best state..

    We’re putting in a 5kw stove in there…

    Sorry, not the best pic of it. But you get the idea…

    Premier Icon granny_ring

    We decided to keep the brick finish, a bit of dodgy re-pointing by me and we’re happy with it. It was also the cheapest option!!

    Thanks all for the advice and pictures, very helpful.


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