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  • Yesterday….Social care, nature and nudity.
  • sharki

    ..for me was one of those of days that turned out so randomly eventful.

    Sorry for the long post, but for many, it will be interseting.

    It started with a 3 mile walk back to a mates after a night of drinks and cards. We played through till 5:30am getting in at 7am and sleeping till 11am.

    Well work wasn’t going to happen, so i walked back to town along the tow path with a plan to Print off some photo’s, burn CDs and look at picture frames.

    Whilst in Boots, and inputting the Photo’s and MP4s to burn to CD a lady next to me dropped her photo’s which fell by my feet.
    Naturally, i stepped back and bent to pick them up and in doing so i glanced at them. Looking back at me were images of the lady, Topless!
    I quickly gathered them into a pile and gave them back to the lady who had rapidly gone red.
    Quite how i remained straight faced and remark free, i’m not sure, it’s something that generally i’d not be capable of. She muttered a thankyou and quickly walked off to pay. What a lovely lady i thought.

    I then wandered to see a little waste land in the centre of town. Last spring i sat there and watched fox cubs play in the long grass and later in the summer, they were still on site and had grown well.
    Also on the site, i observed a species of Butterfly uncommonly found in urban areas, with them the foxes and all the other species of critter i saw there, i new what a special place it was. It wasn’t to last though, for on the front gates was a sign. ‘Sold for redevelopment.’ It read 🙁
    Yesterday revealed the diggers had been in and levelled the lot, nothing but soil, trenches and portacabins.
    It saddened me to know, that colonies of species had been wiped out and the fox den, which was under piles of concrete and spoil, was also destroyed. Foxes often sleep under ground in there dens during the day in the winter, i hope she wasn’t there. 🙁

    And finally at around 7:30pm, whilst walking to get a bus, i noticed a lady, struggling to walk straight, veering right as she walked and heading straight towards the edge of the river bank, a drop of which would of put her 4ft down and into the fast flowing and deep river Tone. By the time i got to her, she was tripping over plants only 150mm from the edge.
    I managed to stop her and began to talk with her to make sure she was ok.

    It what clear she was under the influence of alcohol and unsafe to walk unaided. I then found out she was staying at a refuge for ladies, and she wasn’t allowed to tell people where it was. She begged me not to call the police, her mentor or even a taxi to help her, in fear of getting into trouble. She said she’d like me to help her, just over the 2 busy town roads. It took 20mins to walk 300metres and i knew i couldn’t leave her to make it alone.
    Slowly she confided in me why she got drunk and the sad story began.
    She was in a womans refuge, because of a violent ex and abuse from other people. She’d just popped out to see her daughter and grandchildren. She went on to tell me, her daughter kept giving her wine, knowing that her mother rarely drunk, as she couldn’t handle it, she’d also not eaten much for days, because of the various forms of medication she claimed to be on to prevent anxiety, panic attacks and depression as well as other things i cannot recall.

    The lady had given her daughter her last £3 for some wet wipes, i assumed one of the 4 children her daughter had, was very young. Her daughter turns out to be an alcoholic and instead of wet wipes, she bought cider. The lady was then asked to baby sit the children. Knowing that she wasn’t in a fit state after wine to be responsible, she refused and left..

    She hated her daughter, yet said she’d never tell social services about her lack of care towards her children.

    “I could never do that, she’s my daughter.” she said.
    I offered her the thought of doing it for her grand children, and left at at that, saying no more.

    As we walked, i had a constant support for her as she swayed in the direction of her home.

    Fortunately, years ago i did some building work at a ladies refuge and when i mentioned the name of the road it was on, she nodded that it was where she was needing to go.
    Relieved, i carried on, walking, resting and talking, all the while she was asking me if i was a bad man. She’d been in these situation before and sadly bad men often came to her unfortunate assistance.

    All i could do is try to reassure her, i wasn’t a bad man, i told her my name and told her i didn’t need to know hers as she was clearly worried about getting in trouble about her condition and of telling someone the location of a refuge.

    Finally we got there, for some reason i gave her a piece of paper with my name and number on, she had self esteem issues so it felt right to do so.
    I then watched her head to a door, unlock it(eventually) and go inside, safe..

    She send me a txt today, thanking me, lots and wanting to meet me for coffee. She wants me to see and speak with her, now she can properly talk.

    Yesterday i couldn’t save a girl from embarrasment and i couldn’t save the foxes home or the colonies of insects and all the plants. But i do feel, i saved someone from serious injury or even worse and gave her hope in humanity..

    But what does concern me is the lack of care for the venerable, she gets one hour a day of care, and clearly nobody knows about her grandchildrens poor care, or at least they are powerless to respond, maybe due to confidentiality. Anyone in social care, care to explain?

    Thanks for reading.



    For some reason this reminded me of Catcher in The Rye.

    That is all.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    good work matey – arguably you should’ve given your number to both ladies though

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    If no one reports it to them, social services can’t do anything about it…..

    But you did a good thing there, well done


    You are a good man

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    A win for the good guys.

    Pat yourself on the back sunshine, nice one.


    Swipe your Karma Points card and get an additional 1000 points free. Good work. 🙂


    Looking back at me were images of the lady, Topless!…

    Did Barry White start playing in anyone else’s head?

    But what does concern me is the lack of care for the venerable, she gets one hour a day of care, and clearly nobody knows about her grandchildrens poor care, or at least they are powerless to respond, maybe due to confidentiality. Anyone in social care, care to explain?

    No one’s reported the kids, she’s almost coping I guess and certain groups don’t get much help from the state.


    Sharki=legend, I’ve been on here years and like all your posts:)


    Nicely written and a warming tale. Good stuff.


    LOL at bwaarp

    Thanks for sharing your day’s episode Sharki, I’m sure that all those who read it will take something positive from it.

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