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  • Xmas punch-ups – how do you handle them?
  • Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    The UN peace force will be needed at c_g’s gaff. 🙄

    Tell me your horror stories. 😀

    Premier Icon kcal

    is this works do? or home?

    home never had any trouble, boring I know..
    work different matter, had a lad ages ago, fine when sober, nightmare when a drink taken. work do was combined with a visit by venture capitalists looking to invest in the company, one of their reps was the daughter of the main investor, John went into a sweary-word laden tirade about VCs to this lass (from USA), it didn’t end well.

    They didn’t invest in us, which the boss was in the end relieved about 🙂

    Premier Icon kayak23

    I just don’t invite both grandmas anymore…

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    It’s funny how alcohol can change people isn’t it. Guess it must be hard to abstain which would help.

    Was really meaning family squabbles but, perhaps, it’s just my family. 😳

    My Irish room mate while seasoning over the winter in Grenada was a great laugh, but rum did something really odd to him (not great in the West Indies) and he became a real liability.

    I had to drag him away from one particular ‘situation’ after a night out at a local’s club (we were the only white faces in there) and some lads were taking great offence at his tirade. I think it may have had something to do with the locally brewed Guinness Export not being “proper Guinness”.

    Xmas punch-ups – how do you handle them

    With an emphatic victory


    If/When they start, jump on your bike and go for a ride 😀


    With a knock out!

    Edit: Damn. Too slow.


    Eyes and balls. If they’re still on their feet and no-one’s holding them up, run. 😉


    Wait till their snoozing after lunch, then whack em.


    pmj I have a mate who has one sip of rum means he starts picking fights with his best mates. Crazy!

    My christmas could be interesting, as the step son’s girlfriend has managed to upset his mum and the step son’s twin brother over the same things and guess who’s coming for christmas dinner?
    Think I’ll just get drunk, upset EVERYONE and then pass out upstairs. If im lucky, I may have a home left at the end of the day.

    Premier Icon TomB

    As a paramedic, it seems Xmas day night and Boxing Day see a level of booze and festive cheer fuelled violence unmatched by any other time of year. Families really hate each other!


    My Sister used to run a pub in Yorkshire and one year she had to kick someone out during a Christmas party, however his last words as he was pushed out the door were “I don’t care if I’m sacked, your still a f-ing C-” 😆

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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