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  • XC 29er choice – help for a friend
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    A friend is after a 29er. XC orientated really. Any recommendations? He’s looking at a Cube Acid and a Trek Mamba. Anything else work a look?



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    On One Scandal.

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    Ah your “Friend” eh…… 8)

    Well I’d tell your “friend” that 29er’s are quite normal lots of people try it, but to be careful….and to go for a Solaris”

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    On One Scandal.

    This ^^

    I started off on a scandal 29er. cheap as chips builds and ride really well.

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    Kinesis FF29 full build for £1.5k

    Forme Winscar 29 XT, same price but all shimano XT, basically the same frame.

    Premier Icon stimpy
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    I ride a Grand Canyon so I’ll recommend that.

    Stable, fast, lovely.

    Very very happy with it.

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    Scandal vote here!
    I started with a Scandal ages ago and for the money you can’t go wrong. I ride mine lots but have it totally rigid now, mans riding!

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    i got a giant xtc in the end of year sale last year! only 29er ive ridden a lot, id recommend, so worth considering! gets great write ups as well

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    Hi there Ben,

    You might want to check out Canyon. We deal direct with the customer so by cutting out the middle men we pass on a lot of savings directly to you.

    Check out the Yellowstone 29er or the Grand Canyon AL if you want to spend a little more.

    We have a customer service office in Kingston-upon-Thames. Feel free to call us for a chat if you want to talk bikes.

    Trevor @ Canyon UK

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    Those FF29er are bloody lovely.
    The XTC carbon is pretty as well. Massive BB area so stiff as you like.

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    anything from Trek, Giant, Cube will be decent. but that canyon yellowstone looks real good value at that pricepoint.

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