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  • wtb bronson tyres? any users?
  • hughjengin

    Yep, just swapped a 2.3 Eskar on the front of my Zesty for a 2.3 Bronson Race. Seems good so far, the Eskar was ok too, but has had its day and I did find the Eskar grippy enough but perhaps with a combination of my questionable technique I found a bit abrupt when it let go leaving my on the deck 🙂
    The Bronson so far has been faultless, seems predictable and grippy. I only have one on the front so the race version seems tough enough. I run it tubeless with Stans rim strips and sealant on a DT 4.2D rim. Holds air fine and sealed & inflated with the normal amount of effort.
    Seems about right size wise, the casing isnt as balloon like as the Eskar and not as tall. But from outside to outside on the widest part of the tread (which is quite a bit wider than the casing its bang on a 2.3 on my rims. So pretty accurate. for a trail bike I’d go 2.3 front and back. To be honest I wish I’d got two of them, becasue the price was reduced at CRC and now its gone back up again hey ho.
    I bought a 2.2 WTB Mutano for the rear instead for a nice fast summer tyre, and thats way wrong on sizing. Its a 2.0 at best, and looks sttupidly narrow on my Zesty, but I think you can trust the Bronson sizing.


    looking for some new rubber for my intense 5.5, anyone tried bronsons?
    they’ll be run tubeless on arch rims, but has anyone tried the race as opposed to the tcs tyres? the 810g weight seems excessive to me for a trail tyre.
    also, is 2.3 the size it should be? I’ve had wtb’s before that were well skinny for stated size.
    running bonty xr4/xr2 at the mo, pleased with them generally but rear’s almost gone.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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