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  • Would you buy something from Cash Converters or similar?
  • Premier Icon BlobOnAStick

    Well, would you?

    I guess it’s no different from the bay of theives…..


    dvds etc yes, anything that might break down, prob not, especially at the prices I’ve seen.

    Premier Icon Rubber_Buccaneer

    If the price was right, yes. Why not cash in on someone elses desparation, I’m doing them a favour buying their stuff they couldn’t afford to keep 😉

    Premier Icon MSP

    They have to do some checks on the ID of sellers, so less likely to be nicked gear than ebay.

    But it isn’t a place I would go to for a browse, and the one I used to go past on the way to work didn’t have any bargains in the shop window, so very unlikely I would buy anything from them.

    I did, spanking new edge 800 for around a third of the RRP. Why not. I assume cash converters have made sure they are not handling stolen goods.


    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    As mentioned, they do take ID from sellers.
    But they often sell stuff at more than RRP. Definitely more than typical s/h prices.

    I was looking for the Star Wars Blu-rays and they were £50 s/h – the same price as Sainsburys and Blockbusters new.

    Premier Icon footflaps

    My ex-GF bought a really nice Cannondale from our local Cash Converters (ok the grips were garish, but other than that it was fine). They check the frame number with the local Police etc.

    One on the right:

    Return to England by brf, on Flickr


    ive had a few bargains fishing tackle de walt belt sander for buttons ping golf club tissot t touch watch

    On a similar thread how does CeX work? The prices for some of the secondhand kit in the window is ridiculous a Playbook was £250 when you can get it new for £175 from Currys and a Ipad was only £40 less than knew. Who the hell buys this stuff?


    I bought a £10 portable telly for a £100 pound off trade-in scheme when I bought my Bravia last year. It had a fag burn in the top.

    I saw a Kona Kula in the Manchester one a couple of years ago. The shop is at the bottom of Oldham Street, aka the ‘Triangle of Death’, between the crack dealers of Picadilly Gardens, Friday’s Bar, with Cash Converters making up the final piece of the triangle

    It was only £400, but the forks were on backwards…

    I have done and will continue to do so. No issues at all here.


    Who the hell buys this stuff?

    The same people that sell to CC in the first place.

    Who the hell buys this stuff?

    I remember a series on the telly about a CC type shop. One poor, old, down-on-his-luck, semi-alcoholic geezer who was a regular came in and dropped £500 odd on a keyboard, amp and a PA system. He went back in two days later and sold it back to them for less than half what he’d just paid for it 😕 Think he said something about the neighbours complaining…

    Not a big fan of these shops – I do think they prey on those at the very bottom of the foodchain and are well known for getting ‘customers’ locked into a circle of dependancy, especially those that lend money on payday advance cheques (are there any left now?).

    Yep, bought an old Proflex fromt he one in sheffield, sold the frame on ebay for a profit, got 2 years use out of the XT/317 wheels, sold the C2’s for £60 after about 3 years, the rest was used up through my spares box, think the drivetrain is still in use (occasionlay gets swaped onto the singlespeed).

    Loads of CD’s, and a £10 mobile when my batery died once (actualy asked them to check it was charged before I handed over my £10!


    Bought an Xbox from Cash Generator, no issues whatsoever. Cheaper than Ebay, Game, etc.

    buy plenty of used DVD and Blu-Ray movies from them (bought another 3 DVD this morning for £1 each)

    have sold plenty of old / unwanted items including televisions, dvd player, music system, computer monitor and computer parts, watch, etc.

    don’t get great prices when selling but its quick / easy (across road from my house) and instant cash

    I would draw the line at buying a bike because their pricing is completely overpriced, and the condition of their used bikes often very poor

    as a professional bike mechanic I amuse myself whilst waiting for the staff to find the DVD discs I have chosen, by having a quick look at the state of their “for sale” bikes which are often in shocking condition with numerous faults or worn parts

    liability implications are shocking if someone bought one of these used bikes and went onto the highway and got hurt from a mechanical fault 🙁

    recently saw a “No Logo” fixie style BSO selling for £499 with “No-Logo ‘Custom build’ bike” on the price tag

    manager’s face dropped when I informed him these are the same bikes selling on Ebay brand new for £149 and the same bikes we have coming through our workshop with repeat punctures (sharp rim edges) and hub / crank / bottom bracket failures..

    Premier Icon BigJohn

    My ex-GF bought a really nice Cannondale

    Ooooh a Reptilian Fade Green Caad4 with a Coda 2-ring chainset!

    I had one of those. 1999 vintage wasn’t it? How’s the crack in the drive side chainstay (near BB shell) coming along?

    The Kalloy seatpost is the only bit off mine still in daily use. I’ve still got a few spares (mech hanger, front mech etc, stems if you’re stuck.

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