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  • kaesae

    I reckon that my neighbours are quite bad, always getting busted and blaring music, they moved in 2 months ago and the housing association is already trying to evict them.

    Do any of you have terrible neighbours and would you like to share, talking about it must be threpeutic, surely?


    When I turn my music down I can hear mine going on about suspension bearings all the time 😉


    Yeah, mine barely say hello


    What neighbours?


    When Im not smacked up mine ramble on warning me of “The Thousand Year Storm” or something

    Premier Icon winstonsmith

    out of interest, which housing association?


    Immediate neighbours are always a pain.

    Last house I fell out with them because the husband was throwing his fag ends into my garden, current house one neighbour let their friends park on my drive in front of may garage without my permission, the other neighbours let their freinds block the path to my front door by letting them park on the shared access.

    We’re moving.

    I miss the neighbours in my last house: going next door was like one of Flasheart’s hair-metal threads, complete with bar in their dining room. Aaaaawesome! 😀

    Mine are just fine here. No Skid Row though 🙁


    I’d imagine they’ll all be very relieved you are KT. 😉

    Immediate neighbours are always a pain.

    Kingtut; do you ever wonder if, just maybe, people just don’t like you? 😉

    I have mostly very nice neighbours and we have a nice little community in our block. There is a crack ‘n’ smack prostitute lives down the end; bloke was taken out by paramedics couple of weekends ago- dead. Not nice. But by and large most folk are pretty decent. The gang of feral kids have been leaned on very heavily by the local plod recently, and are much quieter atm.

    And this is a rough estate in that ‘unfriendly’ London. God knows how some of you lot survive…


    Kingtut; do you ever wonder if, just maybe, people just don’t like you?

    CGAF although it quite possibly could be the case, more likely it’s their ignorance.

    Such a wonderful, happy outlook on life you have… 🙂


    KT, that’s probably why they don’t care about you either.


    If the oddbods ever start playing up, they tend to get “dualling banjos” played at them at full wack……..on loop 😀


    robdob – Member

    KT, that’s probably why they don’t care about you either.

    Sorry, do you know me?


    We had a year living next door to three absolute morons; two students and a shift-worker). Computer games and music at high volume, cheering and applauding computer games and TV shows (WTF?) and various indoor sports – all going on until up to 4am. A couple of weeks after they moved in I went around to investigate continuous banging and shouting – after knocking several times I eventually opened the front door myself to find two of them, with their trousers around their ankles, playing football against the front door. This incident very much set the tone for their tenancy.

    After numerous ‘conversations’ and demonstrations of what kind of noise levels would transmit between the properties, they did improve a little; but ultimately they still just couldn’t control themselves. It took several interventions from the landlord, noise abatement officers and the police before they took the threat of eviction seriously and reigned it in to something closer to acceptable. By that point, though, we I was so sensitive to noises from their property that anything they did continued to be a nuisance. They departed when their landlord refused them an extension to their lease.

    Anyone who suffers from bad neighbours has my deepest sympathy. I’m sure that, in my experience, the people could have been worse – violent or vindictive – but it doesn’t alter the fact that they were an ever-present in our home for almost a year. It’s like having a guest who just won’t leave and who insists upon interupting everything you do with the most irritating thing they can think of. Very, very tiring.

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    Revenge, as they say, is a dish best served cold.

    They: loud music in the middle of the night, dog locked in yard all day and night barking its head off.

    Us: small, newborn baby. Lungs like opening the gates of hell.

    They: no more noise.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Chap of 75+ one side. No bother at all, nice chap. Takes in parcels etc.

    Couple of 60+ the other. Chain-smokers who deep-fry everything they eat. Makes our house stink, as it an ex-council semi. He also has a habit of doing vastly exagerated burps, belches & coughs. Furthermore he is also fond of the most ridiculously loud sneeze. She says nothing to him. My two lads (3 & 5) sometimes copy him. My Wife calls him Flemmy.
    Might sound like he’s a constant source of annoyance, but they are good neighbours in reality. No loud music / car parking annoyance etc. House kept nice, & they love their garden. We always enjoy a good old natter over the fence now & again.

    I’ve seen how neighbourly disputes can escalate. My brother had a neighbour who’s constant web of lies led to him being dragged up in court (& subsequently cleared of any wrong), his 3yr old daughter having nightmares & them finally having to lose a lot of money by moving house.
    Trust me, sometimes its better to bite ones tongue as there is nothing worse than having to live in a constant state of dispute. Life is too short.

    Premier Icon iwluap

    Just recently moved to new matrimonial home from a city centre flat. There are things that I miss about city centre living, but none of them about living in a flat. Hearing neighbours clunking up and down the stairs, guy downstairs with a large sub-woofer featuring almost nightly earthquakes through the floor, seemingly elephants trampling around upstairs and the guy throught the wall (into the next stair..!) who one day decided to learn the guitar. And then try to sing… To be fair he improved lots over the last 3 years although I didn’t appreciate his talents during flat viewing when trying to sell… Chap on the other side occasionally used to like to blare out the theme music to the Love Boat always around 10PM… The less said about the ground floor flat next door with a revoling door of tenants and loud Polish hip-hop the better.


    Mine wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for the paper thin walls.

    That combined with her awful, awful taste in music and a love for late night karaoke can be a little bit wearing.

    I did wonder if she would be embarrassed if she knew we could hear her so clearly; then I saw her one day wandering around in tesco in pyjamas and wellies. Clearly this is a lady who does not give one iota of a shite about what people think of her!

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    Mine was accused of rape but no charges were brought as the case couldn’t be proven. We were interviewed by the police and our retelling of the events of that night certainly implicated him but they didn’t prosecute him in the end. Thankfully he’s moved out now. Horrible little man.


    I’ve seen how neighbourly disputes can escalate.

    Thankfully my neighbourly problems haven’t escalated or been repeated, a firm word with them did the trick, but I can imagine how utterly distressing and stressful it could become.

    As an aside I find it bizarre that 3 people have had a dig at me after my post, as long as you are having fun I guess.

    from the title I thought this thread was about a particularly bad episode of the aussie soap..

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    Chap on the other side occasionally used to like to blare out the theme music to the Love Boat always around 10PM


    I lived above an alcoholic guy in his seventies a few years ago and his late night antics were superb. Here’s the letter I sent to social services about him (I got no reply or acknowledgment from them 🙄 )

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I’m contacting you regarding some concerns I have over the condition of an elderly resident in my block of flats. The gentleman’s name is XXX and he’s resident at:


    He lives alone and is suffering from alcoholism. I’m becoming increasingly concerned about his welfare and the impact it has on the other residents in the block. His age is hard to guess due to the effects of the alcohol but based on his appearance I would estimate him to be 70 to 80 years old. A number of incidents have led me to raise these concerns and these incidents have become much more frequent in nature over recent weeks. The main issues are:


    Most Monday nights around 10 – 11pm, he shouts a variety of abuse, mainly homophobic at the top of his voice. It also occurs frequently at other times but mostly on Monday nights. Recently I have being carrying out some DIY work on my flat which has involved some minor use of power tools. All use was kept to a minimum and conducted during daylight hours and no other residents complained. During this time XXX directed his shouting and abuse at me, constantly screaming “Shut the f*ck up” at the top of his voice and repeatedly screaming the phrase “I’ll come up there and f*cking stab you”. Long after my DIY work had ceased he was continuing to create a disturbance, often lasting several hours. He did this from the confines of his flat and never spoke to me on a face to face basis. He is always very aggressive during these outbursts.


    XXX is a severe alcoholic and is rarely, if ever, seen in a sober state. On numerous occasions in recent weeks he has been found incapacitated outside the dwelling. I have observed him being dropped off in a taxi and at those times he is heavily intoxicated. He usually managed to access the main door to the flats and his own flat but more and more often he is unable to open the main door and usually collapses on the doorstep where he will remain until he either wakes up or is aided by a passer by or another resident in the block. I have discovered him in this state several times in the last month and twice in the last week. Both times he was unconscious and lying on the doorstep in heavy rain. I was unable to move him and resorted to contacting the police to assist him. On Saturday the 14th of this month I left the flat for a short time. On my return around 4pm I discovered him standing upright and leaning against his own front door. He had his back to me and I assumed he was able to access his door without assistance so I continued upstairs to my own flat. A few minutes later I left the flat again and when I descended the stairs I discovered he had urinated on the landing outside his front door. Outside the main front door there was a strong smell of urine as well. The following morning someone had cleaned the main step with bleach which leads me to believe he had definitely urinated there as well.

    There have been two other more serious alcohol related incidents in the last year.

    In the first incident a friend was driving down Brisbane Street in Battlefield when the road was blocked by a body lying in the road. He exited the car and approached the body. The man was unconscious but my friend was able to wake him and establish that it was XXX. He then aided him in accessing his flat.

    The second incident was more serious. Around May 06 I was awoken by my door bell at approximately 4am. I looked out the window first and observed a police car in the street outside the block and a smashed item on the road next to a damaged Vauxhall Corsa. I opened the main flat door using the intercom service however no one knocked my door and I returned to bed. In the morning I looked out the window again and I could see that the smashed item was a large clay plant pot and plant and the vehicle had a dent in the roof and bonnet. I knew the car belonged to a neighbour on my floor. When I heard the neighbour leave I opened my door to tell him what had happened. He was unaware of the incident and went to investigate. When I returned from work that day I spoke again to the neighbour who had spoken to the police. Apparently XXX had been approached by two teenagers while staggering home from the pub. They then accompanied him back to his flat where they proceeded to consume all the alcohol he had. At some point during the night they threw the plant pot through his living room window, smashing it, and then it landed on my neighbour’s car causing the damage previously mentioned. They had also taken XXX to the Post Office where they made him withdraw his pension money and then stole it.

    I’m also aware that another resident has twice discovered him in a similar state recently. He was discovered slumped on the staircase and the resident tried to assist him but was unable to. On the other occasion XXX chapped his door at 8am on a Saturday morning in a highly intoxicated state and asked for help with his keys.

    As I have stated these incidents are becoming far more frequent and my main concern is for XXX safety but I’m also highly concerned about the danger he poses to other residents in the block plus the fact that this behaviour is very anti-social. Due to the fact he’s highly intoxicated all the time I believe he is unable to look after himself. I’m worried that in this state he may attempt to cook and will fall unconscious during that time, severely increasing the fire risk. He may very well be a smoker and again the fire risk posed by his condition is severe.

    Other residents in the block include an elderly lady and two flats containing young girls. Given the nature of his abusive language and aggressive tone it’s unfair to expect these people to accept the burden of aiding XXX.

    It may be prudent to establish exactly where he is drinking and advising them to refuse him service as he has been spotted in nearby pubs and on his return from the pub he is always in possession of alcohol which he has purchased from an off licence. It’s a disgrace that any pub serves him enough alcohol to get him into that state and that any off licence sells him more alcohol while heavily intoxicated.

    I believe the alcohol abuse is severely affecting his ability to look after himself and function normally on a daily basis and I would appreciate Social Services assessing XXX to see if he is able to live on his own or if other care services or facilities are necessary.

    I look forward to you investigating this matter and please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

    Premier Icon GrahamS

    God knows how some of you lot survive…

    By not living in London mainly!

    There are no john-murdering crack ‘n’ smack prostitutes, or gangs of feral kids in our village (unless you count the Cub Scouts).

    I realise this makes it a quiet Nothern backwater that lacks the sophistication of that Laaaandaan, but I quite like greeting people in the street and just getting a cheery “Good morning” in reply, rather than pepper spray or a clip of 9mm shells. 😉


    Eeejits like this should be rounded up, given a short course in survival skills, a basic survival kit, then packed off, blindfolded and dropped off in the remotest parts of the world. 😆

    That’d learn them!


    Most of my immediate neighbours are fine but there is a block of 8 houses infront of me of which 2 are housing association and they moved in one god awful family a few years back. (ex)Junkie mom, 5 feral kids, thick low level drug dealing ‘dad’ – father of most of the kids is in jail. Neither works and they have no regard for any of their neighbours. Police activity has died down a bit of late but i did call them out when they were shooting an air rifle out of their garden and the pellets were hitting my house – the police did bugger all of course…. The foul language the mother aims at her young children is terrible – if i didn’t hate the lot of them so much i’d almost feel sorry for them. They are the next generation of teenage mothers and yobbish retards in the making. Shame really. The people immediately around them are now trapped in their homes as they are pretty much unsellable. Everybody hates them as a result but are too frightened of the repercussions if they make complaints, after all, what have the pikeys got to lose?


    When asked about our neighbours, my lad says Lucy is dead (true, empty house now), and Sheila is deaf.

    TBH she may be dead too, I only hear anything from her house when her grandkids visit.

    one of my next door neighbours always makes sure the bins are out and brings them back in again. he always clears the common path we both use while i’m still thinking about it.
    on the other side, my other neighbour is a gardening freak and will tidy up my garden when i, in my slackness, let it go a bit.
    her neighbour works in the theatre and gets me freebie tickets if i ask nicely

    at the front of the house, there’s a chinese woman who always says hello and gives me little snacks from time to time, no idea why, but they’re really nice
    and her neighbour’s kids are a bit noisy, but polite and always say hello (and mum’s quite hot as well)

    sorry to spoil the thread, but my neighbours are great.


    This is rather relevant, as our’s is a complete psycho!

    He’s recently made an official complaint to the Environmental Health about us walking too loudly around our house (I didn’t realise socks made that much noise!)

    Last Friday, he’s screaming expletives through the wall at us, then as I set off cycling to work, tries to chase me in his car to run me down! 😯


    Our neighbours are brilliant on both sides. Couldn’t ask for better really.

    Premier Icon 2orangey4crows

    Jeez, and I thought I had it bad with the guy in the flat below me who can’t seem to master his stereo’s bass controls and occasionally talks very loudly about how hardcore rad to the max he is.

    It’s not all bad though – he kindly leaves his DH bike in his front room window, which should mean any tealeaves concentrate on his bike collection rather than mine!


    My neighbors are great , but my mate just moved house as his MS was making stairs difficult sometimes . His new neighbor greeted him with ‘ you can’t chop any of the trees down in YOUR garden because I’ve taken a preservation order out on them’ not even a hello!


    We made the mistake of living next to our landlords who thought that “managing the property” meant anything they say goes. Big country house(them), barn conversion with seperate drive and garden partly seperated by hedge (us). Examples of behaviour included;

    1. Moving my bike tyre off our drive and hanging it on front door.

    2. Moving my bike tyre off said drive again,hanging it on door, complete with message suggesting i place tyre in our shed and should not ignore this message.

    3. Snooping around our bedrooms when they read the meter in the kitchen.

    4. Cutting grass, weeding our garden without asking if its ok first.

    5. Taking our house keys when i left them in the shed while out riding for 30 minutes. We all do this once, but I might explain, we lived in the middle of no where, my wife was in, and crashing around in the kitchen. They then did not return keys for 4 hrs, no doubt to teach us a lesson as we looked high and low for them, although i knew it could only have been them.

    6. Making up stuff or wrongly interpreting contractual tenacy obligations

    7. On at least one occasion owned up to entering property without prior arrangement.

    So, nothing major, but after 6 months we’d had enough of being watched and our privacy invaded. The only reason we did not confront them was due to organising in double quick time our wedding which was stressful enough.

    Was pleasing to see that it took them a further 9 months to rent the property at a vastly reduced rental amount.


    I’m currently going through the police/Environmental health with my neighbours.
    I can’t get into it to much but I’ve been assaulted, My two year old son has been verbally abused as has my wife.

    Our neighbours are alcoholics and as the day goes on they get louder and more abusive. We’ve been given cctv by the police which seems to have calmed things down for the last couple of weeks but we know that this is going to go on and on.

    Premier Icon midlifecrashes

    My neighbour ran out of Macadamia nuts the other night, then ran out of Speyside malts and we had to resort to Islay. We have reported him to the Community Association.


    cynic-al – Member
    When I turn my music down I can hear mine going on about suspension bearings all the time

    Just turn your hearing aid down as well!


    midlifecrashes – Member
    My neighbour ran out of Macadamia nuts the other night, then ran out of Speyside malts and we had to resort to Islay. We have reported him to the Community Association.

    Good God this is awful. I hope it was Laphroaig.

    Premier Icon tonyg2003

    Our friends in Abergavenny used to live next to “Mad Evans”

    Google “Mad Evans Abergavenny” and you’ll find out. She’s been in the national newspapers, on UK teatime TV.

    Absolute old psycho.

    Our friends now live in a Barn Conversion miles from anyone!

    Premier Icon curtisthecat

    Sorry to ruin it, but our neighborhood is great. man on one side keeps mostly to himself(very shy) but is quite friendly once you get to know him.
    On the other side, we had a moody old cow(recent divorcee) tried to make life difficult by saying I moved our property line. She is gone, and has been replaced by a really hot friendly lady, who we are friends with.(took care of her cats last week when she went on holiday).
    A really good friend(came to my wedding) lives behind us, and most of our cycling club live on our street or very close. Its great!

    Oh yeah, and I live in the south as well! 😆

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