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  • World's hardest MTB stage race
  • mtbmatt

    Hi Matt

    What what is like riding a 29er hard tail on that terrain? Did you ever wish you had a FS at any point?


    I think a good 29er is perfect for the event, although many people do use a FS.
    Personally I find a HT better for the amount of climbing and easier to carry when needed. But my priorities might be different to other people whose aims are to complete the race.

    The Pivot LES is awesome downhill though. I used a 120mm fork and dropper seatpost. The relatively slack head angle and dropper make it really capable downhill.


    Huge climbs/hike a bike/ awsum singletrack/ steep descents/ steps/Italian enthusiasm what more could anyone want.

    A castle, and the chance to ride through it, and they had that too!!

    Amazing looking event.

    amazing matt – fair play, i know from your posts/reading blog you are exceptionally fit/fast anyways but watching and reading the blog for the iron man is just mental, cant imagine how painful that amount of climbing is for so many days on end

    looks like fun still but very very very hard work


    Matt – have you done the Leadville 100? Riding for nearly 100 miles in 10,000ft + altitude surely has to be up there?


    That’s made my todo list for sure
    Thanks for sharing, really enjoyed that

Viewing 5 posts - 46 through 50 (of 50 total)

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