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  • pymwymis

    I refuse to countenance Obligated, bloody hell !

    It’s OBLIGED !!

    Aaarrrrggghhh I’m cross just thinking about it.

    (Clenches jaw and tries to ignore the fact I’ve actually managed to get myself worked up) Oh God !


    “I am worth it” … 😆


    Loam – no reason, just gets on my tits

    Nice word, good description for what’s in my garden, actually.

    “I tried to blow myself”.

    or, indeed

    Premier Icon Wookster

    Can I have…….these combinations……. 😈

    “Excel spreadsheet”

    “Five minute job”

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    pymwymis, you might want to check a dictionary on that one.

    Both are fine; they have slightly different connotations.

    Premier Icon seadog101

    Why has this word been invented?

    It hasn’t. It is a pre-existing Scottish word that is slowly creeping into general usage outwith Scotland.

    It’s in the OED and everythink:

    Ah, I do have to admit to being exposed to many scots at work. Hence getting a bit frazzled at this. 😳


    Nedrapier, you misunderstand me. I refuse totally and utterly to countenance that word. Fwiw I did check my version of the OED, that word was not in it – it is about 10 years old and I accept that obligate IS in. But I chuffing hate obligated.

    God, I’m all chuffing chuffed off again…..Arrgghhh !

    What the hell is wrong with obliged ??

    Bloody chuffing chuffers !!

    Premier Icon Bez

    I like listening to Mary J Bligated.

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    “like”, when used as punctuation by teenagers – as in the interview I heard yesterday where it was about every 5th word.

    Last time I was on a train, I (well, the whole carriage) overheard some teenage girl talking on her mobile and the entire conversation consisted of the words

    Oh and “yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh”

    Anyone who uses “myself” and “yourself” incorrectly deserves to be shot as well.
    “Yes, we’ll pass that information to yourselves”
    “If you’d like anything further, please feel free to contact myself”



    Glupton – none of those words are truely synonymous to me:

    Artisan – “craftsman” is much more descriptive.

    Actually Artisan is much more descriptive to me. It tells me that the product is probably going to be massively overpriced, and probably has less craft and more marketing in it than the title would suggest!

    Eclectic – “mixed” or “varied” will do just fine.

    No eclectic is usually a euphemism for ‘**** odd’ or ‘all over the place’

    Moreover – “also” is a fine word.
    No also suggests that the comment that follows is addition information which may not be that important. Moreover implies that whilst at the end of the discussion the following item is actually more significant than some of what preceded.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    Never use a big word when a diminutive one will suffice.

    “bad” has been nounified to become a synonym for “fault”

    Can I add “nounified” and “verbified” to the list?

    There are a number of vernaculars that show this sort of inversion [can I lend your pencil?]

    Really common in Wales, I noticed. Turns out, “lend” and “borrow” are the same word in Welsh.

    Premier Icon Bez

    By all of teh means. I would have had a super disappointed if verbifying and nounifying hadn’t given the annoys to a number of people.

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