Women's recommendations – padded shorts

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  • Women's recommendations – padded shorts
  • Anna B

    There’s something not quite right with all the padded shorts I own – Endura, too much material though the baggies that came with them are the right size, Madison, no grippers on the legs so they end up all scrunched at the top, just bought Altura undershorts and the padded bit is too short (weirdly).

    Bit fed up of this, so want some recommendations before I try another brand. I quite like “undershort” style – low cut, want silicon grippers and a good padded bit that doesn’t stop before it should (see Altura)

    What’s anyone wearing that they can totally recommend? Thanks 🙂

    Premier Icon domino

    I love Gore Bikewear stuff – I have two identical pairs of 3/4 tights, a pair of longs and some of their lovley fancy bib shorts. Increadibly comfortable pad, long lasting and well fitting. The 3/4s have silicone gripper.

    Anna B

    Thanks Domino, been looking at Gore stuff. Decided I’ll spend the money if it’s worth it and it sounds like it is!

    Jo SBC

    Another vote for Gore, but I also like this stuff from Ground Effect mail order from New Zealand. Good quality and the baggies fit really well (but no silicone grippers on the shorts).

    I’ve always found the Gore shorts a rather funny cut especially if you have hips! I’m currently liking the Mavic shorts – nice cut, not too tight around the leg and a flattering waistline (oh the joy of lycra). For under the baggies I wear sugoi padded under shorts.

    +1 For Gore, I’ve got some of their fancy bib shorts too, they’re really comfy and they’ve got grippy stuff to stop ’em riding up (and a wierd inter-boob bib thing :?). Also like IXS shorts and liners. They’re pretty pricey but very very comfy, sizing’s on the small side though – so careful if you’re buying online.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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