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  • Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    Once you’ve used one you’ll never go back to a conventional pack.

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    There have been a few threads recently about these. Am really pleased with mine, can reach into zipped pockets/mesh pockets without removing it. I personally find it more comfortable than a Camelbak.

    The weight distribution, ie on the hips, makes so much more sense. I have the largest size which takes a huge amount of stuff, could really do with a smaller one too.

    My only criticism is that I can’t do up the chest strap cos it’s not comfy for a girlie!

    Don’t forget that it doesn’t come with a bladder so it’s very expensive.

    I gather that there is a long delivery time though.

    The Count


    Recovering from broken clavicle and now have lumpy metal bits in there that can rub on camelbak straps, so i’m told. To avoid this I was thinking of investing in a wingnut hydration pack, placing more of the load on my hips…anyone got any experience of these…..are the reviews (all good!) right?

    Cheers (6 months off the bike!!!)


    There’s been some issue with quality of stitching as well or so I hear.

    Mines ace. Won’t be going back to a “standard” one anytime soon

    Tim “broken clavical and metal bits” Burden :O)

    The Count

    Thanks Both…checking previous postings too, i think i’ll be getting one!

    Hmm I want one now too.

    Which one do people recommend and wheres best to buy ’em?


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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