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  • Will getting involved with Syria make us more wealthy?
  • chewkw

    If US of A, UK and EU want to be nosey bodies then Russia, China and per perhaps others should join in too.

    Make it a big bang. A big big one. Make sure this time they hit each others homes big time. Someone got to learn the lesson that others are Not created in their image.

    If you look carefully the nations that preach demoNcracy are the ones that kept expanding their parasitic will.

    They have now disguised themselves as the moral authority of the world, trying to tell other nations how to run their lives.

    As much as I don’t like their opposition (actually both sides …) the game must be played fairly.



    Not all the opposition are Jihadists* , it is not even close tbh so it is a distortion to the point of not true to say the choice is either assad or jihadists

    I think for many Syrians the choice is that stark – Assad or Jihadists.

    Of course you could sit on the fence and fudge the issue by pointlessly making the point that not all the rebels are Al-Qaeda affiliated, whilst conveniently ignoring the fact that most of the fighting is being carried out by Jabhat al-Nusra, as are most of the causalities being taken on the rebel side, which is of course what David Cameron likes to do.

    The battle hardened, most committed, and most effective, front line fighters on the rebel side, are the international Al-Qaeda fighters. It was exactly the same in Afghanistan. The Taliban were always relatively fairly crap fighters, as their name suggests they were young and inexperienced. They gained control of approximately 90% of the country to a large extent by forming alliances, doing deals, bribery, and other shenanigans, with all sorts of people including warlords who’s allegiance could be bought. If some serious fighting was required Al-Qaeda’s foreign arab fighters generally stepped in and provided the experienced front line troops.

    Al-Qaeda provided the “crazies”, as the yanks liked to call them, that got the job done in Afghanistan, both during the time of the Soviet backed government, and post-Soviet backed government. Today they are the crazies in Syria. And they certainly won’t meekly stand back in any post-Assad Syria.


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    Someone cleverer than idiots like William Hague also made the point that just because you give the arms to the (relatively) moderate lot, don’t be under the illusion that they won’t immediately flog them on to well-funded Islamist headcases


    repeating it wont make it true.


    And what with Turkey kicking off on secular issues too…. It makes it look like the way out of global recession has been strategised and being implemented by those that play with such affairs…


    There is a pattern emerging long time ago but whose hands are in all of them? Two possibilities … the one from the extremists or the one that kept shouting “humanitarian aid” or both of them?

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