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  • mjsmke

    So I’m really tempted by the Whyte 901 to compliment my T130.

    Does anyone have one? If so what do you think of it and is there anything else worth looking at? My budget is £1500 including a reverb.


    Orange crush is the main competitor i would say, think it has better forks, brakes etc but no dropper so probably rules it out…

    I would say get the specialized fuse, they have just slashed the prices and for £1400 you can get the one that cost £2200 last year and IMO plus tyres are great for hardtails.

    Premier Icon Kamakazie

    Bird Zero (TR probably)
    Vitus Sentier

    Would be the other 2 alu 27.5 bikes that I’d look at for that sort if money.
    Something like the Orange Crush well be a bit pricey.

    Oh there’s the Ragley as well which looks good.


    Scott scale plus


    Blue pig or Sonder Transmitter

    Premier Icon iainc

    If your after a large Evans have some Pinnacle Iroko 4 left for £1305. Full XT, Pike, no dropper, but you could find one for £195. Pretty sorted modern geometry.

    Only a Whyte will “compliment” your T130 though.

    Excluding the T130s rear suspension, they’ll be very similar bikes, are you sure it wouldn’t cause pre ride bike confusion?


    I quite like the look of the Bird Zero. This bike will be a winter bike too so plus sizing wont be ideal for where I ride. I know the 901 will be very similar to the T130 but the Whyte has been the best bike I’ve ever ridden.


    Ok, so I’m sold on the Bird Zero TR with GX groupset as it ticks all the boxes. The decision I’m facing now is which whilst to go for. Bird offer:

    Raceface Aeffect 1820g for £135
    DT Swis e1900 1960g for £176
    Sram Rail at 1810g for £250

    I have Srams Roam wheels on my other bike and quite like them but would like nothing wider on the Bird and I can swap the wheels between the two bikes. I know they are offering the DT Swiss e1700 set on other builds so i guess i can always ask them if i can buy them as part of the build.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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