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  • davidjones15

    Is it the are you were born?
    Where you went to uni?
    Your choice or someone else’s?


    Witness reassignment programme.


    Born Leeds. School Wakefield. University Bradford. Live Baildon now, 5 miles north of brafford. Well travelled, eh?

    Premier Icon mogrim

    Didn’t have enough money to get to Asia, so came to Spain to teach. Then didn’t have enough money to get a decent flat in Madrid, so moved out to the Sierra. Wouldn’t want to live in the city now – love having the clean air and the nearby mountains too much 🙂

    Born in Sheffield

    Moved to Luton when 4

    Moved to Gloucestershire a year or so later

    Moved to Ashbourne a year or so after that

    Stayed with gran at the hotel she owned at Monsal head for a few months

    Moved to Matlock

    Moved to Elton (village near Matlock) when about 8

    Lived there till I moved in with my g/f, now wife at 23 – bought a house in Darley Dale.

    Now 40 and been in our 2nd house in Darley Dale for about 7 years. There are nicer surrounding villages, but it’s handy being on the A6 and most of our mates are here. Saying that, it’s nice enough and we will probably never stray far away.


    it’s where i ended up


    Because I’m a looser, **** up mylife, had to move and live with my parents. I now have a job thought at least which pays significantly below an industry standard due to no competition in the area, but am unable to move jobs due to my previous mistakes.


    born & raised in wigan
    Bradford uni (90-94 – when were you there john?)
    live in london for a while
    moved up to stockport when I met Mrs NBT. Moved to marple about 5 years back: we decided that hazel grove wasn’t the right location and looked all round for the best location, we considered areas as far up as ramsbottom, all down the east side of Manchester and as far across as knutsford. Marple offered us the best balance of village life, access to the countryside and access to work for me


    Edinburgh born and bred. Current area was chosen as it’s right at the end of the bus route into the city but also in the hills as well.


    I live where I live because I like it here.


    Born here/lived here (Northamptonshire) all my life apart from 3 years of uni and 2 months in Canada. All my mates live round this area and my job’s not really far enough away to justify moving out (plus rent etc would cost more than petrol). I do want to move away from home though, just need to find a good job that pays enough for it!

    Premier Icon steveh

    Sheffield for me, came here for university 15 years ago in September and have been around ever since. The riding straight from my house is amazing and Sheffield has all the things of a big city but has lots of green spaces and feels more like lots of small villages all together.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Work is here, and the commute is a *tad* far to anywhere else…


    The girl I’m stalking lives nextdoor

    Premier Icon Alex

    Born in Sheffield, Poly at Stafford, First job in Blazingsmoke, then all over the south east until moving near Ross three years ago. Good schools, ace riding, nice people but not so great for work. I decided not to let teh last one worry me.

    Can’t see us moving now. I commuted in London for three years. Would never go back there.


    I grew up in Bolton, went to University in Durham, Moved to Somerset for work then to Newcastle. The move to Newcastle was basically to be with my fiance (she moved up from London). Didn’t want to live in London and there were no jobs for her in Somerset.


    I was born here – Nottingham 8)


    restless – Member

    I was born here – Nottingham
    Usename is or isn’t ironic? 🙂



    Cos it’s home


    North Lincs (born) -> Nottingham (Uni) -> North Lincs -> Missouri -> Torquay -> Missouri -> North Lincs -> Nottingham -> Hucknall

    So went to Uni in Nottingham and ended up here (or thereabouts) but the two aren’t really connected

    Premier Icon ton

    hijack,.. apologies last night davidjones, i never got the link to work.
    from wakefield.
    i live in rothwell south leeds
    i hate it, but the wife works here, i work not to far away.
    when the youngest leaves home, we will be moving.


    No problem ton, you should have said, I might have been able to put some other links up. 😉

    Premier Icon SaxonRider

    Cardiff for me.

    Moved here for work while I was finishing up my PhD, and fell in love with the place.

    I love many places in the UK, so don’t see it as a competition, but Cardiff just ticks all the right boxes so I can’t really see living anywhere else.

    For now.


    Cos it has a great commute!

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Born Liverpool
    Studied in Leeds
    Work all over the UK
    Live near Wigan after a bit in Liverpool, then Kent, then St Helen’s.

    Live oop norf as I have worked for a few companies up here, apart from the Kent stint.

    I have always (it seemed) covered the UK in my roles and Wigan is near a motorway and was relatively near to a company office.

    Shame it rais so much round my way though. Always seems cloudy.


    Born and raised in St Helens, where I lived until leaving for university.

    Uni in Sheffield, Lancaster and Loughborough. Moved to London for work, moved to new york for work,moved back SW London for work. Simples …


    nbt, I was at uni from 82-84, with a further re-sit in 85. never managed to pass year 2 exams (too busy doing rock ‘n’ roll with TSA to attend lectures).

    I stayed in the university area until 1990, when my then g/f (we married in 1999) & I made the move from rented to buying a house – on the other side of town, Laisterdyke/Thornbury.

    BIG mistake.

    Do not EVER buy a house without researching the area first. OK it was handy for both our jobs, for me it was walking distance, for her it was on the bus route. 8 long years we lived there. the longest 8 years of our lives.

    Anyway, finally we had enough in salaries to buy a second house (and put the first one up for rent, finally sold it 2 years ago), in a nice area with only one immediate set of neighbours, so we moved here in ’98 and we’ve been here ever since. Walking distance for her job, my jobs have since then been in Rotherham, Rossendale, Sheffield (Hillsborough) and Barnsley.
    It makes sense to stay here, where we love the village, and only one of us has to commute.
    Bonus points for fantastic trails on my doorstep and open countryside just a mile away. The house we have now is plenty big enough for just the two of us, and we’re of an age now where there won’t be any little drummers joining us. Extra bonus points for cheaper council tax than Leeds, just a mile up the hill in Guiseley.


    Born in kendal, lived in staveley for 29 years, now in bowness. South lakes all my life, family, friends, and work all here. Why move. Oh and the ridings not to bad either.

    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    Born in South Africa.
    Dad moved us to York aged 5.
    Lived there till 16.
    Joined the Army.
    12 years in various Shit tips “Choice Locations”
    Travelled lots again with work now as a civie.
    Ended up in Cheshire as its equidistant between my work in Warrington and the Mrs’s work in Maccelsfield.

    Getting itchy feet again now tho’..

    Premier Icon LimboJimbo

    Born and raised in East Hull, moved to Beverley aged nine. Uni in Coventry followed by stints in Warwick, Rugby and Solihull where I am now. Somewhere along the way way I met (and married) a girl from Rossington so we have our own little Yorkshire oasis here in the West Midlands. Would love to move back Oop North though.

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    Born in a small town.

    Hated it

    Worked in Glasow

    Moved to Glasgow

    Love it. Lots to hate, but more to love.


    born in wordsley live in wordsley work in wordsley its mint right on the green belt and its smack bang well nearly in the middle of the uk love it here base camp fugazzi


    Born in Fife, Brought up in Edinburgh. Went to Salford for uni, insisting that I’d move back to edinburgh as soon as I’d finished uni. Met the now Mrs at uni. She had been born and brought up in the algarve and was not up for moving further North.

    Moved to Bradford for a job and then out to Oxenhope because Bradford Sucks. Now living the compromise in Saltaire as Oxenhope was a bit rubbish (although pretty) for my wife who can’t drive.

    Premier Icon teethgrinder

    It’s local. For local people.


    Born in Leeds , moved to a Leicestershire village with Dads work when I was 1 , moved to another small village a couple of years later(near Doncaster).
    Moved back to Leeds aged 7 and been here ever since , It’s a great city with plenty of good riding either from the doorstep or within 1/2 an hours drive.


    Born and bred in Leeds. Uni in Hull and then Lancaster.

    Moved to East Hertfordshire – Hoddesdon / Broxbourne – for first job and lived there for 4 years, though didn’t like the place as it was one of the most unsociable places I have ever been.

    Moved to Bristol when the firm I was working with opened its new head office there, and been there ever since.

    fatsimon mk2

    born – Colchester
    work – apprenticship in Colchester + lots of travel around world
    married – Oakham followed by High wycombe
    divorsed – back to Colchester
    remarried – Colchester
    apart from travel around the world for work boring arn’t i 😀

    Premier Icon colournoise

    Born in Peterborough.
    Grew up in the Fens.
    Moved to Peterborough.
    Moved to Birmingham (work).
    Moved to Cambridge (uni).
    Moved to Barnsley (uni). Where I began mountain biking.
    Moved to Coventry (work)
    Moved back to Peterborough (work). Been here ever since.

    Getting itchy feet at the moment though. Would love to move somewhere closer to ‘proper’ riding, be it trail centres or natural, but as we are both teachers with management responsibilities, finding (and getting) two jobs at the right level in the right area isn’t that straightforward.

    slainte ➡ rob


    walk to work
    get in car go <- way 45 minutes Afan
    get in car go -> way 45 minutes cwm carn
    get in car go | way 45 minutes brecon
    get on road bike, so much scenary climbs
    Rail link to bigger drinkys

    Coming from the sticks, I like it.


    London (born) – Norwich (moved when dad went to uni) – Portsmouth (uni) – Newcastle (uni and now job)

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