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  • Whoop! Just got this for Father's Day.
  • Premier Icon Kryton57

    Cuddles from both kids in bed this morning, couldn’t want for more. At 5.30. 😐


    my boy brought ‘me’ some lego technic for fathers day. which he unwrapped for me. and then insisted i built so he could play with it before i went to work for the day. something isnt quite stacking up here!

    Premier Icon Drac

    The dog pinched my chocolates. πŸ™

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    I got one of these;

    I can’t wait to start making sparks with it πŸ™‚

    Premier Icon leffeboy

    Wwaswaswins. Hope it came with a bit of steel to make sparks with


    My daughter cooked us a 3 course meal last night, with minimal help. She’s 15 so I was quite impressed. I love “doing things” presents, and anyway I just self-gifted a new road bike.


    My 4 and 2 year old boys went shopping with mummy earlier for a pressie. I am now the proud owner of Goldie and Speckles. The fact that Eddy has wanted goldfish for a long time has surely nothing to do with it….

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    Beer, chocolate, day pass for riding. What more could I need?

    Premier Icon binners

    I got bacon butties in bed, and am presetly having a beer, watching Moto GP, while i get a big roast cooked for me. My cup plate both truly overfloweth πŸ˜€

    Premier Icon boxelder

    Beer, malt minis and time off for a trip around the Back o’ Skiddaw.
    Suns out now – now lawn before beer o clock.

    Pic feature on Ed Oxley’s birthday should not be planned for this mag.

    Premier Icon brant

    Just sat in my car and watched val de sole on red bull.tv on y phone. Now being cooked haggis. Day good.


    I do the laundry πŸ™„

    Premier Icon maccruiskeen

    I got one of these;

    Is that a hint that you’re not requested to sire any further children? A 9″ Angle grinder is quite and effective tool for setting your balls on fire. And then setting your hands on fire trying to put your balls out.



    I got a wiggins fred perry, one from the new collection. Already got one which I love and this one is great too. Went out for an hour on the road bike and collected the car from the restaurant we were at last night, its nice to not do an out and back route.

    BBQ, fizz and beers this afternoon and relaxing in the sun now.

    I love my family, they’re great.


    Got woken up at around 3am when the Mrs got in from work for some pretty awesome sex, rode the bike for a few hours and then got some socks πŸ˜€

    Untitled by monkeyfcuker, on Flickr


    Two bottle of Henry Westons vintage cider and an evening alone as my family are out at a Jessie J concert!
    Steak and chips, cider and a bit of telly that I want to watch, marvellous !

    Premier Icon CHB

    Kids cooking me a meal tonight….roast rump steak with sun dried tomatos or summink.

    Its the effort that counts, no the edibility.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    My wife looked after the kids (nearby) whilst I rode around a muddy wood all day and night.


    I got this. Pick it up on Wednesday πŸ™‚


    I got a couple of albums on vinyl, let the wife stay In bed til 10am, took everyone to Chirk Castle for a walk around the gardens and ice cream. Went to see my dad tonight for some wine. More Wine open now. I love my family.


    We went out with the family – for ice cream – 3 generations on my side – Dad, Me and my boys.

    Fil, Mil, Mum, Dad and my lads, all there except MrsCat who was at home studying and me taking the pic.
    About to hit the ironing whilst watching my new DVD of Bluestone 42 courtesy of my eldest.


    Had a week in Scotland last week, got this today, and the look of joy as yunki Jr saw the light when he managed to read the words it, on and off this evening was delightful.. πŸ˜€

    Premier Icon Scapegoat

    After much hinting got a MTB jersey…. which’ll have to go back, but hey-ho! Daughter gave me a tongue in cheek pill dispenser as I’m on regular painkillers,and my lad scored an awesome try right in front of me and won man of the match, so all in all a pretty good day chez ‘Goat πŸ˜€

    Premier Icon muggomagic

    @wwaswas when you’ve lost one of your limbs in a tragic circular saw accident can I have dibs on your bikes?

    Premier Icon postierich

    Superman teeshirt and played footie with my daughter,recovering from a bender @ York races I,m still not popular after missing my train last night and having to get picked up ,I might be forgiven by next years Dads Day!


    lie in
    bacon and egg for brunch
    ride in the park with the boy on his bike seat for the first time
    fixed toilet
    mowed, weeded, pruned and de-mossed the garden
    great day


    I got a lie in until 8am, as wife dealt with the puppy at 6am 😯
    Puppy opened my present and spent the next 5 minutes turning a sheet of paper into confetti. Got some spesh socks, bar of chocolate and a T shirt. Also went out and did a wet road ride. Came home and complained about my Spesh shoes and just ordered some Sidi’s from Merlin. Great day and chilling now.

    fatsimon mk2

    youngest got me a bottle of talisker he’s only 3 so god know how he convinced the staff at Tesco’s that he’s old enough to buy it πŸ˜€
    eldest got me a large bar of toblerone I “shared” it after dinner tonite with everyone.
    and middle one forgot(lives with mum(ex wife))but was over on Saturday and did get to spend some time with her so not a complete loss
    and I went out for a long ride today and it didn’t rain so all in all good day was had by fatsimon πŸ™‚


    Family ride in the morning, followed by some more quality time with my boy and mrs, and then evening blast round cannock chase with mate. Awesome day.

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    Bike related key ring and a day out with the kids and wife. Both boys slept in until 7. woohoo.

    Had some boys only time yesterday while wife had time off. Result was my four year old now has his own mitre box to fit a tenon saw and my scrap wood supply has been savaged.

    Found an old mtb dvd by the garage turbo trainer telly so put that on. Cue the two of them dancing along to the 90s metal and repeated cries of wow daddy look at that while i cleared up the devastation.


    Got an Airfix enamel mug, My Time by Wiggo, and a new bivvy bag (the lad can have my old one) and I got to ride the Bluegrass Enduro at Kinlochleven too. Oh, almost forgot I got a bottle of Jura single malt :-). I love my family too


    A half decent nights kip, that extended to a lie in. A pack of 4 water pistols and personalised t-shirts for the kids (1 and 3) with their names and a target painted on, ready to do battle πŸ™‚

    Oh, and a new painting/collage, the second in an ongoing series, this one was a joint production by two sisters, aged 1 and 3. It will go by my desk at school with the last one πŸ™‚


    I also got a large Toblerone as a “gift” – Waitrose were giving them away foc to anyone that spent over Β£40 this week 😯

    My littlest made me a card with a giraffe on it and an aqua bead shark

    Premier Icon seadog101

    Got this:

    [/url] Pickmaster by Matt1833, on Flickr[/img]

    Makes guitar picks out of old credit cards…Cool!

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