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  • Who else rides (nearly) always on their own ?
  • Mehhh, only here temporerily, can’t wait to get back to riding with the Trolls who know how to organise an all inclusive night ride which regulalry had ~50 people on it yet only stops two or three times in 20 miles.

    The one here just felt a bit like the organisers said “I’m not riding this week so no one is”.


    I’ve had one ride in the last 12 months with another person …

    … but then I am a surly misanthrope, and I like to poke about chatting to the animals & plants I see out on the ride, and I stop all the time to take pictures, or to stare off into the distance over a gate, plus I’m fond of exploring, which often means annoying doubling back, or having to err, ‘take a shortcut’ – which is hard to do discretely if there is more than one or two people involved.


    I’ve tended to ride a lot on my own over the last few years, but that’s mainly due to being disorganised & deciding to go out at the last minute.
    Love riding with my mates in small groups though as there’s less compromise than the big group rides. It’s easier for improvise routes & enjoy the shared experiences too when there’s only 2 or 3 of you.
    On the other hand I’ve often felt that I ride harder when I’m on my own, which I guess is a little counter intuitive. but that might change after breaking my collarbone on my last ride. My best mate was there to sort me out, call the ambulance and pick up the pieces. I’d have been in real s**t without him, thats for sure…


    Occasionally riding on your own is good, better to share it with others though.


    most of my rides are with my two sons. It always helps to ride with someone better than you, so I have my 14yo for that. unfortunately, they don’t have the fitness and stamina for longer rides yet. But they will…

    Forum rides are fun, as are small social rides. My road riding rends to be a solitary persuit.

Viewing 5 posts - 121 through 125 (of 125 total)

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