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  • Which Winter gloves, but not too hot or too thick
  • Premier Icon Speshpaul

    i need some off rioad gloves for winter, i’ve been using a pair of Spesh enduro’s for years, the old red ones. They aren’t a winter glove but i don’t get really cold hands, so the padding on them keeps the cold off. But they have died, and the current enduro’s aren’t thick enough/too well vented.
    So whats out there, i have thought about the planetx windtex one’s but they are more of a road glove, no protection.
    Endura dexters?


    rab power stretch grip ones ftw

    Premier Icon binners

    Have a look out for 661 Spring’s. They’re great! They’re half way between normal and a full winter glove. They’re waterproof and thinly lined, but your hands don’t get too warm.

    I wear mine on all but the coldest days. The Sealskin full winter ones were on this morning though. BBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRR


    I’m using some from Aldi. They’re brilliant.

    Premier Icon GHill

    I got some 661 Storm gloves at Xmas, seem perfect to me.

    You’ll probably want to go up a size though – I tried an XL (my usual size in 661 gloves) but ended up buying the XXL.

    Fox antifreeze, a two part glove which are superb.

    Premier Icon Speshpaul

    Thanks guys but nothing it the spot yet,
    Rab’s have no protcetion (might as well get the px onnes for £5)
    661 springs seem to be discontiued
    Aldi, well grab em while they are there.
    Fox anti freeze is pretty much just what i don’t want – thick heavy and lined.


    I’ve just got a set of the Spesh Deflect gloves and they’re pretty darn good. I use the BG Ridge gloves over summer, and find that the BG padding suits me really well.


    Oh, and Edinburgh Bike had the Deflects reduced last week as well…

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    I bought some Specialized Element gloves recently, they’re very good. Bit of an impulse buy to be honest but my current Pearl Izumi ones are on the way out now.

    I’ve got some Specialized Sub Zeros for when it’s really cold.


    What do you mean by ‘protection’? You mean armour? I’m not really sure what difference there is between mtb winter gloves and road ones otherwise tbh and I’ve always used the same ones for both.

    I use Madison Windshell gloves like these for temperatures down to zero or so and they’re great – light and warm.



    +1 Specialized Element

    I commute in them and they’ll do down to 2 degrees.


    I’ll back up the Aldi gloves – I wish I’d bought more pairs just in case.

    They’re ‘pretty good’ all round and if you buy a big enough size, you can fit some cotton inner gloves in as well.


    Had to take my Aldi gloves off yesterday as my hands were too hot, swapped out to my PX gloves and they were spot on! I hate hot hands though and would probably have been ok with my summer gloves!


    It was -1 in the forest yesterday and my Answer Fall Line XC Gloves where all I needed. When I hit the road for the 20 min downhill back to the house I threw on some big warm Gore jobs but the Answers are warm enough when in the woods – I really like them but I suspect they might be too roasty-toasty come the summer, for now they are ace.


    I use Gore windstopper gloves ad when it gets really cold I use a merino liner glove.


    I’m using some from Aldi. They’re brilliant.

    he said not too hot! They’re not thick though, real nice. Got some Endura winter ones and they are rubbish in comparison. I love my Aldi ones but they were quite hot this weekend [7 degrees]

    Premier Icon MSP

    Pearl izumi softshell lite, no insulation as such just a nice softshell material making them windproof and showerproof, decent pittards leather palm to keep good grip and feel. Surprisingly versatile and my choice for most of the winter.


    Premier Icon Speshpaul

    What do you mean by ‘protection’
    Something with a leather type palm maybe some double thinkness, i want them for riding a MTB off road. The windtex ones are fine for on road, but thats not want i’m looking for.
    The PI ones above look ok but £40…

    I’m sure the aldi ones are great, i’ve had lots of their kit, but its a bit pointless re-recommending they as aldi aren’t running them at the moment.

    Really a want a summer glove without the mesh and vents.

    Blimey the trouble good circulation causes:-)


    I like my royal mercurys, they’re my winter gloves, i don’t normally wear gloves though.

    Average thickness normal glove palm, warm, windproof, water resistant on the back of the hands.

    I don’t really wear gloves until it’s under about 5*C, so i’m not the best person to advise on “warm” gloves because i don’t really need them. Though i do keep ski gloves in my bag for stops longer than 10 minutes.


    Fox antifreeze are really good nice thin leather palm, maybe a bit to hot at the minute.
    I used the liner with 661 raji’s the other day and that worked well
    Two pairs of gloves for the price of one 🙂

    Fox antifreeze arnt thick or heavy, very tactile.

    Try some on before you comment.


    Yeah the Fox AF are a very supple glove, lots of feel with them on. Palm is thin though, and mine had worn a couple of holes through after 1 winter (weekend+midweek rides, no commuting). Also the velcro fastener peeled from material on 1st use.
    Depends on your circulation, but will be comfortable down to 4-5deg, lower and my hands suffer.

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