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  • Which way to go hardcore hardtail or bouncy plaything……………
  • Premier Icon vondally

    After looking in the shed we have eough pieces to build another bike, the parts are
    2009 Fox 36 talas
    Hope pro 2 front hub 20mm and hope xc qr on mavic 521
    SLX groupset
    magura louise fr brakes,

    so all nice and not wanting to sell have been talked into looking at a build so what do we go for,
    hardcore hardtail
    cotic bfe (£300)
    or similiar

    or a second hand big bouncy frame
    140mm plus travel capable of carrying a front mech
    so Marin Quake 7.3 (seem cheap why?) or alternatives?

    Purpose well to be used in trail centres (not necessary but an alternative) improving skills on local areas (slack enough to feel confident) something that can still be winched uphill something to make you smile ( 😀 ) something when I ride it will still allow me to walk next day ( 😉 age and injuries)

    or keep it and get soemthing really different later when we have soem more cash
    Holeshot ti?
    ibis mojo?
    cube fritzz?

    Views and recommendations sought please, 😀




    I would go the hc ht route and see how that suits you. They tend to depreciate slower so if its not right for you you can change at a later date. Or, like myself, they might just give you a taste for bombing down stuff so you change to an fs to go even faster


    That spec is screaming BFe to me, although I would like a bottlerocket or even get yerself a Mountain Cycles Battery, which are mentally cheap at the moment. (EDIT – extreme bias, I have a Bfe and a Battery)

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    I would go for the hardtail if I had a nice full suss in there to take the bumps out sometime!!

    Been on my on one for about 3 months now

    Premier Icon vondally

    how hard/harsh is the bfe in terms of ride?.

    Also apologies for the spelling in OP 😳


    BFe sounds about right for you!

    Premier Icon Wookster

    Got a Bfe, 150mm uturns on the front Slx hope hubs and flow rims, it’s a hoot!! Just love it, cant recommend it enough as a really fast fun bike.

    I like hard core bouncy things…

    … but when they go home i resort to riding my bike


    Get a second hand Evil Sov they are fantastic the spec is spot on for one.


    get a BFe 🙂


    I spent most of last year on a hardcore hardtail, and loved the urgency and accuracy. Went out on my Lapierre Spicy for the first time in ages yesterday and came home with a massive grin.

    Could be that the HT has made me a better rider, I think that certainly contributed, but ripping downhill, spotting lines and just going for it on the bouncy bike certainly was fun.

    Sorry – you need both.

    Premier Icon vondally

    Cannot have botha HT and Full suss only enough parts for one 🙁


    I’d second Lumberjack’s comments about needing/having both a HC HT and a full suss in the shed. I love both of mine for very different reasons and wouldn’t want to be without either.

    I’d keep the full suss though if pressed.

    But having said that, if you already have a full suss, then definitely go the HC HT route.

    In answer to your question, how harsh is the BFe? It’s harsher than a Soul but nothing like as harsh as say an oversize aluminium equivalent.

    The BFe has more stomp and go and you may feel more tired at the end of a longer ride than on a Soul or other equivalent. But if you’ve got 36 Talas forks, while you could conveivable put them on a Soul-esque frame and wind them down to comply with warranty requirements, really they would be more at home on the BFe-esque frame.

    Opting for the HC HT would really tick your boxes for improving skill, still being winchable to the top, be perfect for our increasingly groomed trail centres (Scotland excluded) and be a lot of fun.

    Dialled Alpine, Cotic BFe, Evil Soverign, Ragley Blue Pig etc all fine choices.


    What’s your current bike and usual riding? If you’ve got a HT I’d go FS and vice versa.

    Personally I’d build up a fun full sus bike for razzing round the woods and doing uplift days and ting. My riding is mostly 2 to 3 hours in the FoD or the Welsh trail centres, so I’ve got a Chameleon and a 5 with big forks and a spare set of burly wheels.


    That spec is screaming BFe to me


    That build would be similar to my BFe and it’s a lot of fun.

    This is becoming very much a standard response from me, but it’s the correct response, so…


    I thought you had that lovely ventana?
    Don’t do something you’ll regret!

    Premier Icon vondally

    backhander no was looking to get a ventana for a friend, who instead bought a commencal super 4, which looks very swish but not ventana quality, no this is just to put all the bits on in the shed for something that a couple of us can ride with just a change of stem and when i am back riding i can use/relearn my skills with out killing myself 😀


    Ah sorry. Personally I’d say save some pennies and get something you really want. Anything else is just making do. Keep your eyes open and there’s always something nice on one of the many classifieds. Those quakes are big heavy FR/DH type bikes.


    Have a look at a Dialled Alpine, and ace wee bike, helping me fix my bursted brain just now too. Bless.


    Done the lt ht thing and decided I definitely prefer full sus. So what I mean is that only you can decide, the consensus is overwhelmingly ht but if you also prefer fs then it’s irrelevant.

    given the parts build you may want to consider saving for a mojo HD. burly, light, efficent, and two travel options out back (140-160mm) might just be up your alley if you’re willing to spend a little more.


    I know someone selling a Mojo actually.


    I’m selling an orange 853 BFe if you’re interested 😉

    Premier Icon vondally

    Hello coogan could you drop me a line if it is large and frame only

    vondally AT googlemail DOT com


    ps swisstony seen that but too small sorry


    Could probably get a second hand Cannondale Prophet or SC Heckler for that sort of money. I’ve just built up a prophet with similar build (Lyriks and X9) and it’s marvelous fun. Would suit everything you’ve mentioned in terms of riding.


    depends what have the moment

    I think there is some value in having a bit of crossover in your bike collection. A dedicated freeride beast is not all that versatile.

    Dialled Alpine seems the way forward to me.


    +1 for the BFe, plus they are on sale £300now!!


    I’m selling a Dialled Alpine 2010 in 18″. Email me if interested ta

    853 SOVERIEGN would be THE perfect ticket for those bits

    Premier Icon vondally

    still undecided…………….. 😕

    Premier Icon chakaping

    I had same sort of spares and bought a Bfe frame off the classifieds.

    Only ridden it a couple of times but it works really well with the 36 Talas – 130mm is good for normal riding and 160mm is great for descending. Does feel a bit like a mini-DH bike (orange blood springs to mind).

    I’m not keeping it though as I have a 6in FS bike for trips away and my new carbon 456 is much more my cup of tea for my local riding.

    I don’t think you said what you already ride though, did you?

    PS. My 6in bike is a Fritzz and it is wicked awesome – save for one of them!


    I went from full suss Stumpy FSR to this…………..


    On-One carbon 456 carbon in one off green and black gloss. 150mm dual air revs, hope hoops with 5.1’s, etc. 23.9lbs but hard as hell.

    Thanks to foot injury still not ridden it. Was between a 20″ and 18. tried a 20″ and too big so went back to 18…

    Cotic Bfe with the forks set to 100mm sounds ideal if you want to ride trail centres and learn new skills. Maybe consider a smaller size than you would normally ride aswell

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