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  • Which waterproof rear light?
  • robarnold

    I remember seeing a thread about this a few weeks back but can't find it now on the search function for love nor money.

    So what's good in your experience? I've got a cateye 3 LED now and it only needs for it to be a mildly humid day before the switch packs in and it starts playing silly beggars. It's currently sitting on my radiator next to me scrolling through its' various functions all of it's own accord…ACE I need something that is going to function in shite conditions, needs to be small also so it can sit on my road bike seat post and not catch on my legs as I pedal. A belt clip for securing on my Camelbak when night riding is also a must.

    Am I asking too much?


    I've got one of these Smart 1/2 Watt rear light & it's VERY bright & so far waterproof.


    Cheers for that CB, may well give that a try.

    Anyone else??

    I have a blackburn mars 3.0, and its pretty bright. To change the batteries you need one of those mini screwdrivers. Maybe the mars 4.0 fixes this?

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    I've had waterproofing issues with the Mars 3.0, I'm not saying that they all leak, but mine does. I ended up sealing the switch area with silicone gunk.


    My smart 1/2 watt had issues in the rain. I think sometimes it is just luck?

    Premier Icon DezB

    The Blackburn Mars3 is supposed to be waterproof. Blackburn have a lifetime warranty. Mine played up after a very wet day, so I sent it back to Wiggle and got a new one.


    My backupz (?) rear light doesn't seem to mind being covered in crap but then it's not really a 'proper' light in the sense that the Cateyes and Blackburns are.

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