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  • Which one bike to do it all?
  • Premier Icon teadrinker

    I’m only allowed one bike, it’s a law passed by Mrs Teadrinker. I curretnly have a Charge rigid 29er which is ok.

    I’m finding though since becoming a dad I don’t have time to go out as much on the bike and living on the Essex/Suffolk border the mtb routes aren’t the best. I still go away with the family a couple of times a year for long weekends in the Lakes and I do use my bike to commute all week, only ten miles a day and mainly all road although when summer comes round I may deviate. So if I was to possibly change my current steed what sort of thing would STW’ers reccomend?

    Premier Icon Chuck Morris

    I’d go for a long travel hardtail.

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    What do you do that you find your bike doesn’t do well?

    Premier Icon Gunz



    Just one? May as well go all out and get a Tallboy LTc or something! 🙂 See how she likes those potatoes.

    Premier Icon scaled

    One bike? Helius AM pinion would be the obvious choice to me – you might have to move house to make the most of it though.

    Seriously though, one bike? even my girlfriend has realised she needs two bikes*.

    *She actually just downsized from 3 bikes :$

    Definitely a Jones. Does everything a full sus does but slower and more uncomfortably. Whats not to like 😉

    i would go for one of these 🙂

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    Practically speaking it sounds like your Charge covers most of your commuting duties but what you want is something that can handle commuting with a bit of rough and tumble at the weekends… Right?

    How about a Lurcher (seeing as you’re riding a 29er already) with a fork that has lockout and a 2nd set of wheels, during the week; slick tired wheelset, and lockout on for commuting, at the weekend, knobbleys on and lockout off for proper riding…

    Or keep the charge and get a 2nd “proper” MTB…

    It sounds to me like you want something that is fun to ride locally on gentle trails and roads, OK for commuting but also robust enough to deal with some occasional tougher offroad routes.

    Not a very STW response but in your position I’d just buy an extra set of wheels for your 29er with cross or road tyres fitted.

    Or if you want a change, as above something like a Fargo would be a good call. Or perhaps a Swift?

    If I was to keep one bike it would be my Surly Karate Monkey – versatile as hell, can be run geared or singlespeed, takes racks and guards, tough as old boots and really capable on properly rough stuff but also quite happy run with drops and slicks for the road.


    i would go for one of these


    Premier Icon leffeboy

    I w just about to write what SprocketJockey wrote. A second set of wheels can make a huge difference to the versatility of what you have


    I too moved to Essex/Suffolk border from North Wales a few years ago. A year later I ditched my Orange Alpine for a Ragley Blue Pig. It’s great for pootling along local bridleways and can take the abuse when I go back to Wales, Spain or the Alps. I’ve got 140mm forks on so it’s not too slack. It currently weighs about 12kg with chunky tyres and tubes.

    Edric 64

    I would buy a cross bike ,or ditch the missus


    Try buying a pair of pants first, and then wearing them.




    Tell her that the more bikes you have the less spare time you have to try and fill in other ways.

    Premier Icon charliedontsurf

    One bike… That is a tough question…

    I would go with a Jones:
    Gears or ss
    Decent road touring bike with big apple slicks
    Great offroad

    Until I rode a jones it would have been a Fargo.


    Orange five.. 😉

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    Buy the £599 ‘dale Trail SL SS 29er and user that for off road.

    Tell her your current Charge had “commuting” geomatry and is no good for off road.

    Premier Icon flyingmm


    I hope you limit how many shoes she can own

    Premier Icon Bregante

    To one 😀

    What Speocketjockey said about Surly KM’s +1

    Also worth considering a 456ti too. IME the best bike I’ve ever had and the 456ti gets to ride all over the UK where my Enduro sits languishing waiting for tis trip to the Alps (or similar)

    The KM I have is used mainly for road / canal tow path stuff.

    If I could only have one bike I’d sell the KM and Enduro straight away and keep the 456t or do what Gunz suggested.

    Premier Icon Pik n Mix

    Keep what you have for the commute, buy new forks, drive chain, wheels for your occasional trips away. Still 1 bike with the ability to make it work offroad.

    Premier Icon jameso

    29er with 2 sets of wheels and 1 rigid / 1 sus fork. Geared and SS options too maybe.

    You can spend loads of time faffing swapping things around. Use the idea of ‘saving quality time’ to then go back to 2 bikes.

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