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  • andyl

    I heard that Three are ending the all you can eat data on tethering next month so was just about to sign up to their One plan but noticed they hiked the price up from a bargaintastic £15pm to not so £20pm.

    Any other suggestions for a sim only plan with 300+ minutes and a shed load of data that allows tethering?

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    Virgin seem to have some cheap all you can munch packages. £15 I think it is for unlimited everything.

    How much data do you actually use though as you could get a cheaper tariff if you only use 1 Gb.


    Virgin VIP = £15 for unlimited data/text/mins. I just got told of for tethering though, so need to find a stealth app.


    The T-Mobile unlimited data plans allow tethering, apart from the full monty one.

    Look at mobiles.co.uk to see what plans they have.

    They do several redemption plans which are now more reliable as they have a web portal for your plan where you can upload your bills, and immediate ‘chat’ support as well.

    If there are no sim only plans that are cheap enough you could always go for a handset deal with a good redemption deal, and then sell the handset, further reducing your average bill.

    The handsets are unlocked, not network specific ones.


    not thought about selling the phone.

    Will take a look at the suggestions, if not going 3 I would probably just get a Moto G as not paying extra for 4G. If going three I would probably get a £240 Nexus 5 for the 4G. I can’t even stream iplayer on my home BB as it’s too slow but we get 4G here.


    4G free on all Tesco tariffs iirc.


    Still doesnt look like anything comes close to the Moto G/N5 wth 3’s One plan unfortunately.

    Tesco mobile do have the Sony Z1 compact that I really do like the look of though. Small screen but still top spec and waterproof.

    (apart from the virgin above, just looking up their tethering policy)

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    @andyl if it matters then I’ve found three’s 3G data speeds much better than T-mobile, Vodafone and O2 … I have a mobile wifi device and it kills download speeds vs other networks when running tests and doing side by side comparisons. I guess my point is short of paying up for 4G three is the best value for money when considering what you’re actually getting.

    I’ve just got 1 gig of data, 700 mins and unlimited texts from T Mobile for £8.50 a month. I think it’s usually £11 which is still a flippin bargain!

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