Which hubs can be converted from 9mm QR to 15/20mm?

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  • Which hubs can be converted from 9mm QR to 15/20mm?
  • dogthomson

    I have a bit of a wheel dilemma…

    I need a new wheelset ASAP. I currently have a 9mm QR fork which I may be upgrading but not until after Christmas.

    Therefore which hubs can I get that are 9mm QR but that can be converted to 15 or 20mm to accommodate a fork upgrade in the near future?

    I know Hope Pro 2s can be converted, any others?


    Superstar Switch definitely can.

    I think there are lots of options now.

    But what I have : Superstar Switch (and it’s original Novatech equivalent?).

    #edit- tooo slooooow

    Premier Icon composite

    DT Swiss 350 and the 240 if you are flush.

    Premier Icon catfishsalesco

    Only the 240s 20mm front hub can be converted, the 350s are fixed at whatever width you buy..


    Hope BULB is QR/20mm

    Premier Icon mboy

    DT 440s is the only DT front hub that is immediately compatible with any fork standard by swapping the end caps. 350’s are fixed, there are different versions of the 240s, one for QR/9mm and one for QR/15mm/20mm.

    Hope Pro 2’s are the most obvious answer. All the Superstar hubs can be converted between all standards (and the Novatec’s they’re based on etc). Nukeproof do 2 front hubs, one that is QR/15mm only, and one that works with QR/15mm/20mm.

    There are probably others but can’t think right now.


    If you find a 20mm bulb I have a qr conversion you could have cheap

    Premier Icon ratherbeintobago

    IIRC CK hubs will convert between QR & 15mm, and between 15mm & 20mm, but not QR & 20mm as they have two different front hub shells.


    As has been said, all Superstar Switch and Tesla will – just a case of popping out end caps.

    American classic will do q/r and 15mm


    Hope pro 2s or pro 2 evos are a doddle to change.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Technium FR. Don’t see many of them. 🙂

    Premier Icon Pik n Mix

    Halo spin doctors are also convertible.

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