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  • Which discontinued products do you miss?
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    Checks for play in SD5’s. Plenty. Both levers have been bent in crashes, but they still work fine. Not as sloppy as Magura levers get mind.

    Premier Icon mboy

    And Rollmajigs! Gad, yes!

    Awesome bits of kit indeed. Got one on my Maverick to help with the front mech cable routing (it’s a bit complex), but if I could find any more I’d snap em up to go on the back of 2 of my bikes still running old skool XTR rear mechs as the Rollamajig really helps reduce friction in the rear mech cable run.


    Kodak HIE Infra-red film. *sobs and runs off to bed*

    Premier Icon aracer

    chrism, apologies, they were 1.9s.

    Ah – I thought you meant the 1.5s – didn’t realise anybody really loved the 1.9s. Still got some 1.5s, but not used them for ages as they’re only really good in very specific conditions – a mix of tarmac and mud. Rubbish on rocks and roots, and not as quick as modern fast rolling wider tyres on hardpack.


    spangles, and those sausage rolls that came in a tin- you had to unroll them, put them on a tray and into the oven..yummy in the ’70s.
    Still got a pair of white porcupines-mat unleash them at the classic weekender!


    Another vote for the idea of the hite-rite. In reality mine simply worked as a crude suspension seatpost as I wasn’t heavy enough to push the saddle down just by sitting on it. 20 years later and I weigh the same so if someone wants to start making them again can they please do one for the lighter rider.


    +1 cinnamon toast crunch. I want some!


    Second RETRO83’s post, those Etnies were the best, here’s a link to some reduced ones, think their legit?



    Sram Rocket 9spd grip shift.


    I want a Hite-Rite too. Surely someone can make them again??
    I don’t want to pay and can’t afford one of those new fancy hydraulic post thingies but a hite-rite would be perfect.
    Please someone make them again…

Viewing 10 posts - 81 through 90 (of 90 total)

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