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  • Which camelback?
  • if i were in the market for a new pack, id get an Evoc!

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    The old Camelbak Chaos and Mayhem, and the others in that range were great, see if you can find one of those- they’re discontinued now. Sensible sizes, nice and narrow so you get less of a sweaty back, and very tough- they’re some sort of heavyweight cordura-equivalent rather than the usual thin nylon that isn’t very durable. THey’re heavier for that but it’s worth it IMO.

    Evoc seem OK, Osprey also very good.


    +1 for the Evoc. I’ve got a Camelback Mule which I’m thoroughly underwhelmed with… it’s just a bit….meh. Although the new ones have got the detachable bladder-hose whatnot, which looks useful.

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    I know people havent been particularly enthused by the Mule in this thread, but I got one from Merlin and its been spot on, good size bladder, holds enough stuff and you can get them for about £40 which isnt too bad!!


    Another Mule user here, had mine for well over 5 years, still going strong.


    I hate carrying a bag with me when i ride, but it’s looking more and more necessary. Any in particular you’d recommend?

    Usual ride can last up to 4/5 hours so i’d like it to be able to hold enough water for that + tube/tools/food/phone.


    nowt wrong with my mule, its just an ugly devil. The Evocs are much more aesthetically pleasing and sexual.

    Osprey. Especially at the sale prices on another thread somewhere here….


    Easy MULE NV 2011 style..


    I have a mule in blue W/O bladder (I broke it) in pretty good nick if you want that? £20 posted?
    Needs a wash but I can do pics after. Same as this;

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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