which bike best for enduro races, longish rides and fun factor

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  • which bike best for enduro races, longish rides and fun factor
  • taxi25

    I bought the 575 for excactly the riding you describe.Don’t build it to heavy 27-29lbs or it won’t be so much fun on long rides.Swap to heavier tyres if you want to gharge of stuff. All those other bikes could fit the bill as well,but I love my Yeti.

    superlight all the way, ive ridden loads of different biikes in the last 20 years, treks, schwinns, konas, specialized stumpys, enduros the lot, and the SC is the one bike that genuinely does it all, you really dont need much more than 100mm travel anyway unless youre hammering the alps, in which case you will be wanting a bullit………..


    is a superlight actually super-light though?


    My opinion is to try them all as bikes feel different to many riders, what’s great for maybe uninspiring for another.

    From experience, the orange 5 was great fun…..performed flawlessly in both wet MM whilst providing fun and comfort needed for a long time in the saddle..

    I did many all day rides.

    And it’s Fun, a heck of a lot of fun if you wind the beast up for it.

    Mine wasn’t to light either..

    However, i’ve done all day rides, had alot of fun and done enduros on a SC chameleon and thought that was fun too..

    Perhaps i just like riding..

    cant fit many but the following can get close to,
    SC Superlight
    orange 5
    titus FTM
    ASL – Alloy

    Realise they are all different and i need to test them but interested in opinions..


    the cannondale rush carbon got a cracking review in Dirt mag…

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    The Superlight is far from it! IIRC the 2008 spec £2000 bike was about 27.5lbs with a very XC build and no pedals.

    Why not something a bit more mainstream like a Trek Fuel Ex?

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    Cove hustler

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    mojo ?? is what I’m looking at…I hae a five though and its just bl**dy amazing mate its about 30 LBS at the moment but I’m sure you could get it down!

    Premier Icon shortcut

    I have to agree that the SC Superlight is far from light. It is however very good for what you are after. I got one a little before Christmas and have been running it 3 or 4 times a week through rain, sleet, snow and sun (lovely sun) and it has hardly put a foot wrong.

    Got off it after 45 odd miles on the surrey hills yesterday (taking in all the climbs i could find) and I was wanting to go out again today.

    It does most things really well and is enjoyable to ride.

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    Superlight may not be super light (although OP didn’t specify whether lightweight was a requirement) but it is a very versatile bike particularily twinned with 100 – 130 travel adjust forks like last years Revs. Personally though I found the BB height a bit low for rocky/rooter bits.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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