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  • Wheres everyone riding this weekend then?
  • Premier Icon binners

    Getting this one in early as I’m bunking off to Betws-y-coed shortly for the weekend. Penmancho tomorrow, Coed-Y-Brenin Sunday

    And true to form the weather forecast is absolutely grim!!! Where you headed then?


    FOD mini enduro on Sunday, probably won’t ride Saturday due to the hangover I’m going to cause tonight.

    North Downs for Saturday morning. Not earth shattering but there’s some fun to be had.

    I did Coed y Brenin over the August bh this year and wass blessed with 3 days of sunshine.

    It was the first time I have ridden the Beast, I don’t get up there much. Epic trail, really enjoyed it, bit heavy on the fire road which I’m sure you can dodge, other than that wicked fun!


    1st race of the Thetford Winter Series.

    Think it’s going to be dry. Maybe. Ground will be pretty wet already though I reckon, so it should be good fun watching all the roadies struggling over anything that isn’t gravel fireroad… 😉


    Might be travelling to Stafford to check out a new ride… and, if all works out well, will be roadie-ing around Cheshire on Sunday! 😀


    Stainburn, on my CX bike 😯

    tops 5

    Lee/Cragg – may be a tad blowy!


    cycling up to a mates 10 miles away on saturday night for a game of poker with 7 lads, the ride home after a few ales will be fun 😀
    Booked monday off work to cycle ‘the big mac’ the route me n mar mate have named where we get the train to Macclesfield and then cycle back to Stoke. 2 fun downhills of charity lane down to the bottom past the church and then up to the cat n fiddle then down cumberland clough, then the long slog over to Leek, alongside rudyard and up n over to congo, bidduplh valley way back to Stoke. Forecast full sun all day on monday so should be ace. 😀

    Just finished my new build, 140mm travel front and rear, and where am I cycling – on the canal bank with my newbie mate from Skipton to Leeds 😳

    After a self-imposed exile over summer, I took a mate to Ladybower who’d not been there before a couple of weeks ago… Reminded me how much I love it out there.

    So Ladybower again on Sunday, for some moist rocky fun!

    Premier Icon sefton

    somewhere called Boggarthole

    Premier Icon fathomer

    Not sure to be honest, all my riding buds are going Sunday which I can’t do, so the world is my oyster tomorrow, probably be Cannock though.

    I need to find new people to ride with 😀


    Couple of early laps of Swinley for me tomorrow morning.
    First time out for weeks, so expecting it to be hard going!

    david jey

    Club hill climb on Sunday morning – a 6 minute ride on the vomit comet.


    Brechfa on Sunday – as long as it isnt a complete washout.


    Somewhere in The Lake District, I’m not in charge of the map so only details I need to know are rough location so I have an idea when I’ll be getting home and what time I’m getting picked up. 🙂

    Forecast is looking grim


    Afan/Glycorrwg saturday, somewhere else in wales sunday.

    Having seen the forecast wondering weather ( 😉 ) it’s worth it as there’ll be 8-9 hr driving round trip.


    Most likely in the garage on the turbo. Can’t wait 😕

    Premier Icon BigJohn

    Aberdyfi tomorrow. Not biking, windsurfing. Should be good and breezy.


    Surrey hills tomorrow morning although really depends on putting the bike back together tonight. !


    Glenlivet! I might just have me the odd dram or two too!

    Premier Icon swavis

    Also Glenlivet, maybe….


    Llandegla and the Clywds.


    Roadie ride out to Longnor craft centre/cake shop planned on Sunday.

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    North Downs Way XC from Guildford with obligatory bacon roll second breakfast at Newlands. Building up distance after basically a year off the bike, will attempt Water Lane climb up from Albury I’m expecting that to be ugly.

    Note to others the nice little gully bridleway into Albury has a couple of trees down across it.

    dawn raid on Houndtor and lustleigh cleeve before it starts to pee down and blow it’s boots off….

    Premier Icon funkrodent

    Hebden Bridge early Sunday morning. Up the Buttress to Heptonstall and down Blue Pig, climb up to another lethal descent into tiny valley below Pecket Well, then up onto the moors above Pecket Well and wherever the map takes us. Greasy, slippery, rocky fun. Fully expecting a few offs. Pie and a pint at the end.

    binners – Member

    Getting this one in early as I’m bunking off to Betws-y-coed shortly for the weekend. Penmancho tomorrow

    Brave man. I assume you’ll be taking a canoe 🙂

    Premier Icon scandal42

    New build will be my priority this weekend, although thanks to various outlets it wont be finished 😥

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Might be doing some uplifting at innerleithen on sunday, the enduro trails should be good and wet… Tomorrow, no idea. Depends what bike is working.


    Inners uplift for me on Sunday

    Premier Icon postierich

    somewhere local probably South Lakes, might get my SO to drop me near Hawkshead and pick a route back to Kendal 🙂


    Hopefully woburn sunday, dependant on weather/hangover.

    Off 2 Swinley for the first time!!! 😆

    Premier Icon colin9

    Ragging my new hardtail round mid Cornwall whilst trying to avoid the worst of the rain.

    Premier Icon colournoise


    First time riding there. First time racing anywhere.


    Usual Saturday am bimbling crew (20+) riding South Barrule and Corlea plantations some well funky new trails in SB….. staying i the trees cos storms a comin!!!

    Premier Icon Trekster

    devs – Member
    Glenlivet! I might just have me the odd dram or two too!

    Me too 😆
    Just been speaking to the guy from Scotland Outdoors who had a wee jaunt round the blue for the press launch today. First time biker now understands why we are hooked!
    Bizarrely he had just done a piece for the next mag on my old boyhood playground!!

    Premier Icon benji

    Cyclocross for me, probably going to be wet and a bit muddy, can’t wait 🙂


    Second Inverse Points Grabber race at Hillingdon tomorrow afternoon.


    Beacon Fell today, Gisburn tomorrow 🙂

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