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  • Where to buy rear shocks?
  • duir

    Just got a brand new unused RP23 2012 off ebay for £169.99 freepost. The shock arrived immaculate within 24hrs of ordering. I had it PUSH tuned and it feels superb. The bloke had several for sale and some RP2’s.

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    I feel your pain – I bought a Monarch RC3+ last year, everywhere sells them but it took 5 placed orders before I actually found somewhere that could actually get hold of one!

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    I got the last one I bought from the spares bin at my LBS.

    2012 Fox RP2, with a bit of cable rub on the air can (£30 to replace if i cared) but otherwise perfect, for £50.

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    It cause everyone is moving from 2013 to 2014 stock innit 🙂 and RP/RP23 will all be 2012 and earlier so unlikely to be many kicking around. Might be worth a ‘wanted’ ad, for all those people that couldn’t wait to ditch their RPs for CTD …..


    Mojo have a bargain bin all of there own , its on there site iirc

    Where the hell are they? All the usual shops don’t seem to have ANY! Only ones I can find are 2 on CRC. None at merlin, none at evans, none at wiggle! What gives? Looking at Fox RP2 or RP23.

    Thanks, yes seen a few on ebay. The 2013/2014 thing sounds about right. I forgot the 2013 fox shocks are ctd etc now but can’t see any of them either! Not in a hurry, will check again in a month or so, see what the 2014 models are going to be.

    I’m looking for a Monarch RT3 at the mo too. I spoke to TF Tuned who expected 2014 stuff in late July but couldn’t say exactly so guess its the same with all shops as very few shops will carry any stock, they’ll just order as required from the importer.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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