where have you ridden this weekend and what was it like?

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  • where have you ridden this weekend and what was it like?
  • samuri

    Rivington night ride on Saturday on my Humuhumunukunukuapau’a which finished in heavy wind and rain. Proper offroad ride over Winter hill and Roddlesworth today which was ace but quite cold and almost ended in my death.


    Bristol / Chew Valley road ride yesterday, mentally tough with a minor hangover and windy conditions.
    Quantocks today – amazing blue sky all day, perfect riding temperature. The trails were a little slow with the thin mud layer but much better than Bristol gloop.


    samuri wheres roddlesworth?

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Local woods.

    Beautiful sunny day Saturday, but very sloppy after the last two weeks of frosty fun.

    Bring back the big freeze!


    Up Win Hill ( yes i know) around ladybower and up to Hollins cross sometimes the wind helped, sometimes it didnt 🙂

    Premier Icon kiwijohn

    The Blue Dragon Challenge in NE Tassie.
    2 50km stages over 2 days. Day one was good but day 2 had one of the best trails I’ve ever done. The Weldborough descent is truly epic. The climb up is a bit of a grind but the downhill is worth it, technical singletrack through rainforest & I mean technical. The racing HT held up suprisingly well, but the FS would have been more fun.
    2km from the end, my team mate had a stack, breaking the end off his bars between the grip & brake lever & gashing his elbow. (6 stitches) He rode to the finish though.
    All in all a great event.


    Pacific Spirit Park, Vancouver. The North Shore trails are still very snowy so took an easy one in the fog from Spanish Banks to UBC. Loamy soil, nice little climb and fun through the twisty trails. Nice to see grass again after nearly 80cm of snow over Christmas.

    I here it’s a bit chilly in Blighty? Any other STW ex-pat Brits in Vancouver??


    wors: It’s just at the bottom of Darwen Hill on the Abbey Village side. There’s two reservoirs and some woods.


    That’s the entrance from the winter hill side, you can get there from Belmont by either riding the Belmont main road or by riding from Belmon towards Delph reservoir and then turning left onto on a long, long farm track which will bring you out at the marker. You ride from the marker to the bottom of the Ryal Fold climb or can ride road to the top of that climb and then cannon down. Drop down through the woods to Abbey Village and then head back over White Coppice via Withnall woods.

    Premier Icon piedi di formaggio

    Danbury, Essex. It was mildly gloopy, with some bits of deep mud and very slippy. I have some helmet cam footage (including falling off) of exactly what it was like clicky linky


    I was out riding with the other Jon V at the H4TH demo day.

    I think this was him

    and this was me


    i rode up into the pentlands. the wind was too strong and the snow made it a bit too slippy to go right up to the top. made it to the top of the ski slope then went downhill. very short but an amazing ride…


    Just around Mugdock/WHW area. Was bitingly cold and sleaty/snowy, trails were muddy. Lost a pedal within the first 100 yards of the ride and had to drive back to my flat, clean threads etc, re-fit pedal and head back out to meet the guys half way round.

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    That’s not me. I look identical only slimmer.

    Ok, it’s me…….

    Guess who booked late and got last choice of bikes?


    50 mile Borders road loop on saturday morning from Glentress car park, out to the south past Talla and Megget reservoirs. Beautiful scenery, cold, windy and nice. A change of bike back at the car park, then up the hill for a blast down Spooky Wood, cup of tea then home.

    Westfield bmx track with tyred jr yesterday morning as he practiced riding standing up.

    Good bike weekend, all in all. Even got mrs tyred’s new build finished last night. Pictures will follow.

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    Following a tip on this forum, I explored the local woods – in the daylight this time. New(ish) to the area so had no idea the trails existed. Scared myself silly just looking off the end of one of the gap jumps. I think I’ll leave that to the kids.

    Premier Icon spacehopper

    Stainburn for me!

    was quite a short loop but had a giggle and it reminded me what ive been missing after not riding for a month or so! but boy am i unfit!!

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    SS road bike both days this weekend, only an hour on Saturday, longer ride on Sunday. Local Peaks stuff. Somehow managed to find the nice weather window on both days although the wind on Sunday was ferocious in a couple of places. You know it’s bad when you can’t even spin out a 1-geared bike going downhill cos the wind is so strong!


    Ballinastoe south of Dublin – gale force winds combined with torrential rain and a few hail showers thrown in – great fun 😛

    Premier Icon lowey

    Rivington Yesterday, Nice afternoon with good visibility. Unfortunately the only thing we saw were hoards of people. My own fault for breaking my own rule of not going into the Gardens during the day.


    Went downhilling on Saturday took some photos slippery but fun… clicky
    and raced Soggy Bottom yesterday a mud bath turned very gloopy 2.5inch tires were a bad idea!

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