when is the best time of year to buy a bargain tent?

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  • when is the best time of year to buy a bargain tent?
  • odannyboy

    would it be end of the autumn when people all stop buying them, or now in the new yaer when everyone is having a sale? or do none of the tent people have sales in january cos its the last thing on peoples minds?

    p.s. is there a tent/camping equivelent of chain reaction??


    Depends what you're after really.

    http://www.cheaptents.com is worth a look, they have cheap festival and family tents but also what I'll call proper tents. I've not seen them have a sale but the prices are fairly good all year round.


    there's never been a better time to buy cheap camping equipment, for now is the winter of our discount tents

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    Beat me to it you bugger.


    very good job, very good.

    i want a massive 9 man plus tent if it is relevent…


    The old discounted ones are the best.


    January the 10th give or take a day or two.


    Cheaptents.com is also an actual real world shop, rather than a warehouse and a phone, so if you are in the north west you can pop in and see the tents (they have a fair few of them on display) useful for buying smaller tents where you might want to try them for size.


    went yesterday to get one thinking they'd be cheap. Had my eye on one for £100. It's now called the 2010 version, & despite no differences, £120.
    & was told most 2010 stock will be arriving in March (at the shop I went to)
    I didn't bother getting one.
    shops are still advertising 2009 ones online, probably your best bet.

    Or… depending on how stingy you are being & what you need it for…
    Tesco are selling off their '4 man' single-skin square-dome tent for £7.50, down from an alledged £30!
    I've bought one for Glastonbury festival so I don't trash my better ones, and will be re-waterproofing it to make sure it doesn't leak if/when it rains.

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    I've got a huge 6 man tent I'd sell.. Mail me if you're interested


    saw some great deals at Go outdoors.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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