When did you realise that you are also a Nerd?

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  • When did you realise that you are also a Nerd?
  • thewombles

    the day i realised that girls arnt interested in me, the current ecological disaster humanity is facing is nothing compared to the dating drought disaster I am currently in …………………………at least steps can be taken against global warming ……………..


    When I asked for a Tandy Electronics Kit for a birthday present, then getting a soldering iron for another birthday, subsequently, getting a spectrum 48k and a modem ‘decoupler’ then writing my own rs232 interface code so it would so ‘stuff’.

    I cannot believe I admitted this.

    edit: I was about 10 or 11 when I got the spectrum, and about the same age when I got a soldering iron, oh, I also had a ‘work bench’ in my bedroom with a mini-engineers vice, plastic component storage bins, a selection of tools. So yeah, i’ve known I was a nerd for nigh on 20 years.

    But, I have been accused of being a ‘cad’ on more than one occasion, I enjoy riding the bikes, and I spent a few years getting completely sh*t faced so redeem my nerd-ability by a little 😉


    pouring over stats of car/bike/whatever performance is a typical male trait.

    I’m hoping you meant “poring”. “Pouring” over bike stats is too sad!!


    We do need to get the geek and nerd thing straight though, it’s a bug bearer of mine.

    Nerds are socially inept, not particularly useful at anything, shy, self-concious, clumsy, poor at interacting with just about anything and generally a waste of space.

    Geeks are usually of high intelligence, seriously adept at logical and quantative problem solving, socially proficient, extremely useful, confident and quite often, valuable and succesful members of society.

    Without geeks you wouldn’t be talking to each other on the internet, the telephone would never have been invented, you wouldn’t have any bikes to ride or beer to drink and you wouldn’t be flying anywhere on holiday. I’m extremely proud to be a geek but don’t like being associated with nerds.

    Non-geeks often confuse the two but that’s generally because they’re not smart enough to see the difference.


    I wish I could edit that again, as it seems i’m quite the Geek!


    i think my uncle is greek.


    Premier Icon hot_fiat

    When I started earning more than my mates who went to Oxbridge and MIT, despite being an unqualified baboon.

Viewing 7 posts - 41 through 47 (of 47 total)

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