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  • wheezy rp23 from new, normal?
  • Like when the rebound ius set to slow (but its not!). is it normal or is something wrong?

    Mine doesn’t mate, but if it rides ok, I wouldn’t worry about it. Maybe take the air sleeve off and add a bit of fluid?


    Does the propedal work on each of its different settings? I there any damping effect throughout the range, of adjustment or does it only make a difference on the last few clicks of the dial?

    EVERY rp23 I’ve ever owned has made wheezy, sucky, gurgly noises from new. Despite what Internet forums say this is not normal – they do make some noise but not so much that you notice it when riding. If the noise is accompanied by the above symptoms then it’s cavitated and needs rebuilding – I’m no expert just very experienced in shoddy Fox Rp23’s..!

    Like I said, every one I’ve owned has done this, and each time I’ve sent it away under warranty, they’re come back quiet and fully functioning.

    Mine was silent unless as you have said I slowed the rebound completely.
    Pro pedal never worked even after sending it to be service.

    Every Float R/Rp2/RP23 I’ve seen has made some sort of noise when you listen out for it. Never enough to hear whilst riding though. More damping = more noise.

    Just had this back from loco from new it had:
    [*]potential water ingress
    corroded adjuster rod/s
    cavitated oil that was “fizzy”[/*]

    looks like water damage or bike cleaner issues (never cleaned)
    so a £40 tune was an additional £20 to sort.

    That’s not the issue it’s that CRC are selling stuff that’s clearly old (cheap price) but broken from new!

    Just me then?

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    my rp3 wheezed from new, later noticed the lip seal was squint, turns out the inner lip in the air can was cracked and breaking off, went back to mojo for warranty replacement and was nice and quiet on return, though it’s always lost about 20psi a week since then!


    Just me then?

    Nope, see my post above. My most recent RP23 as brand new in one of those reduced Yeti. It’s been back to Mojo under warranty and it’s come back working perfectly and silent.

    That said, I’ve recently bought some new old stock 2010 revelation teams with black box dual flow damping etc. Because they’ve clearly been sat on a shelf somewhere gathering dust the stanchions have developed some very strange ghosting in the anodising that looks just like the wear and scoring you get on old knackered Fox floats etc. to be fair, Winstanleys are being spot on and sending them to Fishers under warranty, so we’ll see how that pans out.

    i had that on some revs – fishers swapped the csu

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