What's your average road ride.

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  • What's your average road ride.
  • Dibbs

    Bearing in mind that I was sick till April and lost 2 stone, these are my stats for the year so far, how does the Avg Elevation Gain (1,619 ft) compare with your rides.
    I’m beginning to think I need to try harder to find some flatter routes (not easy living between Exmoor and the Quantocks) 😕

    24 Activities
    475.73 mi
    31:16:39 h:m:s
    Elevation Gain:
    38,861 ft
    Avg Speed:
    15.2 mph
    Avg HR:
    144 bpm
    Avg Bike Cadence:
    71 rpm
    15,889 C
    Max HR:
    205 bpm
    Avg Elevation Gain:
    1,619 ft
    Max Speed:
    58.5 mph
    Avg Distance:
    19.82 mi
    Avg Time:
    1:18:12 h:m:s
    Max Avg Bike Cadence:
    78 rpm
    Max Bike Cadence:
    151 rpm
    Max Avg Speed:
    17.4 mph
    Max Elevation Gain:
    2,772 ft
    Max Distance:
    38.78 mi


    1600ft over a 20 mile average isn’t a huge amount of climbing.


    Swap? My average height climbed over 20 miles is 573ft…


    That is a fair amount of climbing. Did that over 20 miles yesterday over an unusually hill west mids route. Similar average speed for solo riding too

    I average 1000m of climbing for every 80km ridden, normally between 30 and 34 kph

    Premier Icon jam bo


    20.7 miles, 2080ft climbing.

    Premier Icon scaled

    Average road ride climbing is 4452 ft, length is ~60 miles so about 1500ft/20miles

    Some of that is bloody wall like though – DAMN YOU MONKS ROAD


    Ignoring stuff that intentionally avoid nasty hills (like rides with my OH) and my flat commute, about 500m per 40km.

    A lot of my road rides are training based on rolling routes of about 2 hours. I will try and get around 1500ft climbing over 40 miles depending on the objective. Will also do flat rides of no more than any hour but at a high intensity.

    Social/ club rides tend to be more relaxed over greater distances and time. Generally around 60ish miles and depending on route it can be any thing from 1000ft to >3500ft of climbing.


    Usually 20-45miles with 3,000ft-5,000ft of climbing.Average speed less than 15mph.

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    back roads of South Lanarkshire – 24 mile loop from home, about 1300 feet and average around 18 mph on a good day on the good bike.

    2500-3000ft to around 50-60 miles of riding. This can vary a lot depending on which direction I go out of my door. Head north and I hit the peaks so 5000+ is not unheard of over 80 miles or I can loop round for an easy day and do less than 1500 over the same 80 miles. Recently averaging 19+ on a steady solo ride and 20+ balls out.

    Living in the Southern Dales it seems like most rides ita an average of 100 feet of climbing per Mile.
    396 so far in July but as a lot of those were in France where the climbing seems to be down a bit on that.

    Avg Rides / Week 5
    Avg Distance / Week 108mi
    Avg Time / Week 8hr 39m
    Distance 1,183.0mi
    Time 99hr 29m
    Elev Gain 75,597ft
    Rides 63

    So thats about 63 feet per mile which includes 2 weeks in Holland 🙂


    50-100 miles
    3,000-5,000 ft climbing (London/ Surrey)
    16-17 mph


    Av rides a week = 3
    Av distance a week = 170miles
    Av time a week = 10hr 29min
    Distance this year = 4038.5miles
    Elevation gain this year = 270,792ft
    Time this year = 241hr 9min
    Rides this year = 96

    These are only my road ride stats. I don’t bother entering Mtb data.

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    Flat round here is 500m in 70miles

    Hilly is about 1500, could be higher, but I tend to set routes by picking a point 25 miles away for a cake stop, and taking the straight ish route avoiding big roads. I’m sure if I just rode up/down hills deliberately that could be trebbeled.


    Max Speed: 58.5 mph

    Was this in the car on the way home?

    This is my windy / rainy flat route:

    Distance 15.36 mi
    Duration 1h:01m:05s
    Avg. Speed 15.1 mph
    Max. Speed 29.5 mph
    Calories 873 kcal
    Hydration 0.47L
    Min. Altitude 164 ft
    Max. Altitude 617 ft
    Total Ascent 1181 ft
    Total Descent 1145 ft

    Sunny Sundays 3000ft easy, but I just take my time.


    my regular 25.3km road loop gives me 1174m climbing (15.7 miles, 3850ft), not in the UK so not really fair to compare i guess, but still a great workout. 😀

    1000ft over 10 miles. My commute one way. The return ends with a 20-25% climb for 1/2mile. Setting off is fun though

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    My average road ride…..this sums it up….


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    c100ft/mile is my threshold for hilly, and I live in the ‘flat’ South East.

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    According to 2 year’s worth of road rides on my trusty smart phone:

    Average length: 37miles
    Average ascent: 2800ft
    Avg speed: 13.3*
    Max speed: 51.4mph. I was quite proud of this but won’t be hurrying to beat it 🙂

    Most of my local rides have 1000ft of climbing for every 10 miles of riding.

    *This is based on elapsed time, not riding time. The only time I stop the clock is on proper cafe stops. The clock keeps ticking for puncture, photo, traffic light, wee and any other stops.


    Still a bit of a noob, but:

    Average length: 41.6miles
    Average ascent: 2780ft
    Avg speed: 17.1
    Max speed: 42.3mph.

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    Yesterday 62 miles and 751 metres. pretty flat.
    Last saturday 82 miles and 451 metres. very flat.

    East Anglia isn’t the best place to find hills…

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    Roads? *puts down shades*
    Where we’re going we don’t need roads!

    Premier Icon househusband

    Distance 607.4km
    Time 34hr 47m
    Elev Gain 7,250m
    Rides 22

    So that’ll be (7250/607.4) 11.94metres of elevation gain per kilometre ~ about 62feet per mile..?


    Avg Rides / Week 6
    Avg Distance / Week 302mi
    Avg Time / Week 15hr 55m
    Distance 7,022.0mi
    Time 389hr 27m
    Elev Gain 486,070ft
    Rides 162

    plenty of those hills around here


    My rides are usually between 15-25 miles, I get too bored if they’re much longer! Flat as **** as I live in Northamptonshire. 17-18mph average speed, I’m not that fast!


    my ride on sunday was 73km and 1000m of acsent, that pretty hilly for down south.
    my average is about 400-500m per 30-40km
    i seem not able to get over 30kph average on my roadied cx, i may have to drive to east anglia..

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    This year has been poor for road rides, been having back problems. Pretty much all my rides have been a circuit around the edge of Derby, between 40-50 miles and between 1000-2000 feet of climbing depending what mood I/we are in


    The benchmark for a hilly ride for me is 1000ft per 10 miles. So far this year I’ve ridden 1467 miles and climbed 120,738ft, so my average ride has gained 820ft per 10 miles.

    Premier Icon mattjg

    half a mile to the shops, 20 metres descent


    my average road ride is the commute to work so 17miles isn.

    year so far in numbers

    Distance 5,023.0mi
    Time 346hr 27m
    Elev Gain 155,876ft
    Rides 250

    Biggest Ride 132.9mi
    Biggest Climb 1,503ft

    there are half a dozen mtb rides in there, just can’t be arsed with the mtb recently.


    40km, 27.5kph, pretty flat round here, 3 times per week

    Last 12 months…

    104 Activities
    3,781.47 mi
    216:11:03 h:m:s
    Elevation Gain:
    271,659 ft
    Avg Speed:
    17.5 mph
    Avg Distance:
    36.36 mi
    Avg Elevation Gain:
    2,612 ft

    Avg HR:
    138 bpm
    138,322 C
    Avg Bike Cadence:
    78 rpm
    Max Distance:
    121.52 mi
    Avg Time:
    2:04:43 h:m:s
    Max Bike Cadence:
    247 rpm
    Max Avg HR:
    168 bpm
    Max Elevation Gain:
    16,424 ft
    Max Avg Speed:
    27.3 mph

    About 200m to the end of my road and then its off-road all the way baby! Or if I’m feeling really special, 40m to the top of the road opposite and then dog sh*t alley all the way to the start of the off-road!


    Avg Rides / Week 3
    Avg Distance / Week 179km
    Avg Time / Week 7hr 24m
    Distance 7,861.5km
    Time 310hr 13m
    Elev Gain 77,140m
    Rides 101

    Distance 7,861.5km
    Time 310hr 13m
    Elev Gain 77,140m
    Rides 101


    Just out of interest yesterdays Exmoor Explorer short route (offroad) was 24.5 miles & 3911ft of climbing, 169.6 ft per mile.

    Premier Icon cheese@4p

    Chip shop and back

    South lakes
    51 rides
    2500 miles
    166000 ft
    156 hr
    so 3 hours 50 miles 3250 ft climbing.

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