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  • wordnumb

    What’s the longest you’ve stood next to an empty mug before realising that as well as filling the kettle, you need to switch it on?

    I just managed six minutes. In my defence I was staring out of a window, so it’s not like my time was totally wasted.


    Depends what you was staring at 😉


    I once got back from a ride, stuck some rice on and nipped upstairs for a nice, relaxing shower.

    Came back down to a house filled with smoke and a smouldering mess in the kitchen.

    I’d forgot to put any water in the pan with the rice 🙂

    Still, it reminded me that none of my smoke alarms were working downstairs!

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    Don’t know but my record is probably in the region of 4 or 5 times that I’ve boiled the kettle then wandered off such that by the time I’ve got back it’s needed boiling again.


    I’ve stood waiting for water to boil in a pan (having come out of a boiling kettle) for 10 minutes once…hadn’t turned it on at the mains…


    I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve poured cold water from the kettle into a cup thinking that I’d hit the on switch when I hadn’t. I have similar & regular attention FAILS.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    I’ve totally forgotten about pans full of pasta before. Not good.


    A friend once served unboiled water coffees during a meeting at work. Apparently some of the attendees drank up even so, she fears out of sympathy.

    Depends what you was staring at

    Sunset. Trees. Nothing I could twist into a reasonable distraction.

    I made myself an expression with one of the silver hob top expresso things. Drank it. Went for my morning ablutions and the returned to the kitchen having forgotten I had already had a coffee. I picked the expresso pot up and started walking towards the sink to fill it before wondering what the sizzling was and why I could smell bacon.

    Yes, I had left the gas on under the coffee pot which had boiled dry so it was almost melting hot.

    I had the image of the little Italian bloke burnt into my hand for a month.

    WCA you truly are a WCA. how did you not feel the burning in your hand?

    ( I do apologise if you have an underlying nerve issue whihc you have had for many years whihc I was unaware of!)


    Slightly different but I once had a stupid boiling water accident.
    In a hostel kitchen I once drained pasta through a collander whilst holding the collander in the palm of my hand. Bloody hurt.


    Mates dad once put a fray bentos steam pudding ( mince beef and onion type things) in the microwave for tea while he had a shower – for 45 minutes!!!!!!!!
    He had read the instructions for steaming it and thought the same for micro- 3 fire engines and a peice of carbon on a plate in the micro he could see the error he had made 😯

    Premier Icon kiwijohn

    Put the kettle in the fridge 🙄

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