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  • Whats the funniest film ive not seen?
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    Booksmart was the funniest I’d seen this year.

    Shaun of the Dead. Austin Powers 1&2

    It’s all objective but there is some utter sh*te recommendations above.

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    Bienvenue chez le Ch’tis
    Inspector Drake the Movie

    Premier Icon gauss1777
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    It happened one night.
    The Apartment.
    Some like it hot.
    The odd couple.
    Sons of the desert.
    The producers.
    It’s a gift.

    Premier Icon MaryHinge
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    A Knights Tale always makes us smile. Great use of music too.

    Premier Icon mahalo
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    I watched Booksmart! Exactly what I was after, easy watching and properly funny. It’s basically a girl version of Superbad, but actually quite good.

    Premier Icon Cletus
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    +1 Elf

    Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

    Shaun of the Dead

    Premier Icon crikey
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    Hot Fuzz.

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    Premier Icon akira
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    @choppersquad, I love Fear of a Black Hat. Angry shoes…..
    Also going to suggest Repo Man, oh and Duck Soup.

    Premier Icon duncancallum
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    Withnail and I
    Van Wilder
    Naked guns


    Premier Icon gauss1777
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    The man with two brains.

    Premier Icon epicyclo
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    “The Gods must be Crazy”

    A South African film, probably embargoed in the UK.

    Very funny.

    Premier Icon Malvern Rider
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    One of the finest British comedies

    Premier Icon cterry
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    Walk Of Shame
    Rat Race
    The Ladykillers (Cohen brothers version)

    Premier Icon gauss1777
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    Top hat.

    Premier Icon Cougar
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    Gonna go bareback into Tucker and Dale…

    You have chosen wisely. Let us know how you get on.

    Premier Icon BigJohn
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    How come we’ve had a few Steve Martin films but not The Jerk?
    And for a vintage selection; check out the director Preston Sturgess. Sort of similar to the Marx brothers.

    Premier Icon jimmy
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    At the time, Super Troopers was very funny. Dunno how it has stood the test of time meoooww.

    Premier Icon mrmonkfinger
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    Pentagon Wars.
    Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.
    Twin Town.

    Premier Icon llama
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    Came here to add The Jerk, cannot believe it took so long for someone to suggest it

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    My two penn’orth

    My cousin Vinny – Joe Pesci, Ralf Macchio and Oscar winning Marisa Tomei in deep south courtroom chaos. Includes the best one punch knockout ever

    Housesitter – Steve Martin being Steve Martin. Goldie Hawn being Goldie Hawn

    Tootsie – Bill Murray and Dustin Hoffman. Nuff said

    A fish called Wanda – Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Kline, and some Pythons

    Parenthood – Steve Martin + great ensemble cast. Best massive vibrator mistaken for candle scene ever

    Premier Icon esselgruntfuttock
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    In Bruges

    +1. Reminded me of Father Ted with Gleeson as Ted & Farrell as Dougal. Just cos of the accents.

    Purely Belter

    Forgot about that!

    ‘Where did you nick it from?’
    ‘The pound shop’
    ‘So how much do ya think It’s worth?’
    ‘I divvent naa, £2.00?’

    Rubbishly funny.

    Premier Icon mahalo
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    Super Troopers defo still funny

    Premier Icon weeksy
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    Earth Girls are Easy.

    Premier Icon mrmonkfinger
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    Easy A
    Starship Troopers

    Premier Icon perchypanther
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    This is Spinal Tap

    Premier Icon mahalo
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    First mention of Spinal Tap took its time!

    Tucker and Dale, I only found a stream that worked late on so will save for weekend – watched half an hour or so tho and I know im gonna like it!!

    Best in show, Final Girls, O’Horten, Purely Belter all on the list.

    Fear of a black hat looks great too but doesn’t seem to exist anywhere…

    Premier Icon mrmonkfinger
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    Have we had Dodgeball yet?

    Premier Icon DezB
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    Not mentioned:

    Deadpool 1 & 2
    Thor Ragnorok
    Four Lions (not seen The Day Shall Come but a mate has and says it’s more deep than funny)
    Down By Law

    Premier Icon countrybumpking
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    It’s very black comedy but three billboards outside ebbing Missouri is very funny at times.

    newly released in cinemas is the peanut butter falcon, which is an amazing film in its own right but also has some bloody funny moments even though not billed as purely a comedy.

    Anybody mentioned monty python and the holy grail yet?

    Ali G indahouse – childish fun for adults

    Pretty sure there’s a South Park film as well.

    Premier Icon wrightyson
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    Young Frankenstein.

    Premier Icon Malvern Rider
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    Going by all the other things OP likes, O’Horten might be a little leftfield and gentle

    Premier Icon vinnyeh
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    Depends on how you get your kicks, but all worthwhile watches for various reasons


    In a World….

    Forgetting Sarah Marshall

    Anna and the Apocalypse


    Premier Icon gauss1777
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    Drowning by numbers
    High hopes

    Premier Icon chakaping
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    check out the director Preston Sturgess.

    Sullivan’s Travels is one of my all-time favourite films.

    Must re-watch a few of them.

    Premier Icon chrisridesbikes
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    The Guard

    Premier Icon TomB
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    Premier Icon ready
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    +1 for Four Lions
    “Rubber Dinghy Rapids!”

    Premier Icon woody2000
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    3 Amigos


    Any of the Chevy Chase/Dan Ackroyd/Bill Murray/Steve Martin “hey day” films 🙂

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