whats the best tubeless conversion kit.

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  • whats the best tubeless conversion kit.
  • jonyb

    talk to me about your tubeless conversion kit?
    thinking of converting my mavic 717 rims,
    looking at joes no-flats, why are they cheaper than stans, for example?
    do i really need ust tyres or can i use normal folding tyres,i tend to go for nobbly nics.


    I found getting non TL nobby nics a struggle to seal. Porous sidewalls so took a lot more stans than normal, a good few attempts to eventually seal. Even then could see some seepage through sides. I’d buy proper TL IMO. I just got soem from dike-discount.de cheaper than some places sell normal versions for.

    I’ve only used stans but does the job.

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    I’ve found Joes easier than stans. The strips come up past the rim rather than sit under it.

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    Fortunately dike discount does not exist, but we can only imagine what they sell ;-).

    From my experience with 717s and Stans they are excellent. I do use Tubeless tyres and sealant which have seen me wear out 1 set of High Rollers. When I took them off I found over 50 thorns in them, but they did not need topping up so the sealant obviously did its job.

    In short you do not need tubeless tyres, but they do help.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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