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  • What's La Plagne like for riding?
  • meeeee

    Friend has an apartment there they use for the ski season, was thinking of going out there this summer for some riding.

    I know it’s near les arcs and there’s a cable car link, but what’s la plagne itself like?

    Will be out there with wife and kids as well so is there much for less experienced riders?

    I think rewski from on here has a place there So hopefully he’ll reply!

    Also, does the la plagne pass cover les arcs as well?


    Pretty good I hear. Not as extensive as Les Arcs though but to be honest getting lifts up and riding the paths down is generally excellent.

    Summer lift passes are generally cheap, not sure if they do a Paradski (whole area) one in the summer but easy enough to buy a Les Arcs pass on a daily basis if you need it.

    This map link was psoted in another thread on Les Arcs recently, also @welshfarmer had a very useful french website link




    I expect someone more familiar with the area will be along soon but if I where riding Les Arcs from La Plagne I would be tempted to drive to Bourg as many of the best descents finish there/in the valley I believe.

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    I would also lean towards what jambalaya says. I don’t have a huge experience of riding in La Plagne but if I remember correctly there isn’t a lift that goes from the valley floor. I think your lowest point might be the vanoise, which is the cable car linking with LA.

    If you drive into Bourg (maybe 20 minutes depending on where you are staying) then there will be a wealth of trails descending from both 1600 and 1800 right down to the valley floor – all easily accessed again via the funicular.

    There are a few marked trails in La Plagne, but they aren’t great. I’m sure there will be super unmarked stuff too, but it’s probably not as accessible as in Les Arcs, unless you’re prepared to put a lot of climbing back up into the mix.

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    There are loads of good (unmarked) trails in La Plagne, but the uplift is annoyingly patchy. There are plenty of lifts which open in the summer, but only on certain days, making it irritatingly complicated to put a day’s riding together.

    There is a bus back up from the valley, with bike racks / trailer, but it’s not included on the lift pass. For family-friendly riding, there are some short “skills” type trails around the resort villages which are good and some longer blues which might suit depending on level. Les Arcs has better stuff from this point of view, with some decent greens & blues. Access over the Vanoise is pretty easy (and spectacular) but you can only get Paradiski passes on a weekly or seasonal basis, not for day passes (again, pointlessly annoying!).

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    Access over the Vanoise is pretty easy

    No it’s not, it’s horrific 😆 House dangling by a string, madness.

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