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  • Andituk

    I noticed that the other day. Presume the volcano is still playing havoc for them.

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    They do seem to have been "rationalising" stock levels of late.

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    17 items? impressive!


    I'm having problems of a different kind. I've placed two orders in the last fortnight, and both have sat as 'processing' for days, although all the items show in the website as in stock.

    The first order was for over £800 of components, placed late Sunday 25th of April. It was still showing as processing mid afternoon Tuesday the 27th so I rang, and was told it would be dispatched pronto – it arrived, with an item missing but invoiced 3 days later. If it had been dispatched the same day as the phone call it should have arrived here within 48hrs, not 72. Larger orders go Parcelforce 48hr as standard. The missing item was resolved quickly and easily.

    My second order was placed Sunday past for three small items that were also showing as in stock. This morning it was still showing as processing, so I sent the following email:

    Dear Sir/Madam-

    This email regards the deterioration in the speed of your service.

    I placed an order with you on 25th of April. From my past experience, and knowing your good reputation for speedy delivery, I knew that you were likely to pick and dispatch this order on the next working day. There were no items in this order showing as out of stock on my screen. In the event the order sat as 'processing' on my internet screen for two days, so I rang you. That had the desired result, although it was still three days later that the order arrived, minus an item. I am happy with how the missing item was dealt with, but was unhappy with the speed of the order dispatch.

    I presumed this slowness was a one off and placed another order on the 1st of May, in the hope a normal level of service would resume. All I've ordered are three small items that could fit in an envelope two days ago – which is what I expected. Instead the order is still sitting at processing as I type this. All these items showed as in stock to me.

    Your delivery information is obviously mismanaging my expectations, as below, cut and pasted from the website:

    ll 'In Stock' orders that are received by CRC before 3pm GMT, placed online or ordered by telephone should be dispatched the same day.
    Any orders received after 3pm GMT or during the weekend should be dispatched the following working day.
    Delivery times vary depending on where the goods are being sent to and the type of service that has been selected.

    I suggest you either change this wording or start adhering to the statement at the first bullet point. I have worked in sales and know managing customers expectations is crucial.

    I am originally from Northern Ireland and have been very happy to see Chain Reaction grow and become the business and employer that it has. In my opinion the growth has been built on good prices, and also speedy reliable delivery and good customer services. Something is currently wrong with the speedy reliable service from what I can see.

    I am sending this email just as feedback on one customers recent experience in the hope it helps you improve your business, not just because I want to vent some steam first thing in the morning.



    I got a pro forma email back saying one of the items actually was out of stock and the order was being held for that reason; but as I contacted them the other items are now being forwarded. That's the gist of the email – not the wording.

    The out of stock item is Hope caliper mounting bolts that are interchangeable with just about any other brand of bolts. Why couldn't someone contact me to check if I'd accept an alternative? Between that point and a proforma email response I'm not that happy. I need to get tyres and a seatpost this week and don't know if I should go elsewhere.

    To be fair, the prices are good and talking to the staff is fine; it's the speed that has failed me twice in a row.


    Yepp… same here… ordered a chainring and it took 2 weeks to arrive….
    Might have to start ordering parts elsewhere.


    Ordered two bits from them on Monday, arrived this morning!


    Of the 17 items in my order, 7 are out of stock.

    Nothing unusual in there, just regular items for a bike build.


    Seems a shame to do it this way, but often order in size batches, just hours apart, find they arrive earlier than if a big order goes in. Having said that, during the planes down period, we ordered a Mobi washer (big) and a few bits (small), thought drat that will screw up the timings, but all arrived 48hrs later! But have noticed more bits out of stock of late.

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    Since the new warehouse expansion I've had two orders with bits missing but charged for on the invoice.
    Guess it comes down to the picker not finding stuff in the warehouse(s) and orders going out half baked.
    Both times, a photo of the packet contents & invoice have resolved the issue.
    But I'm thinking I might try elsewhere next time. Shame cos CRC used to be excellent, on both price and service.

    As I get older I find my patience dwindling / gone… 🙂


    Orddered some gloves on Thursday after lunch, arrived yesterday morning!


    You have got to see sense you lot how much stuff gets orded through them every day..

    I had a small £50 order Monday processed tues came thurs but didnt have 20mm Halo spacers in so …..Made my Hope 20mm fit saved £10…Refunded me asap seem to think paying paypal with them is slightly quicker that card/Account ?

    Always liked them at CRC they still got my Vote A+ lads keep it up..

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