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  • What wheels for road racing?
  • Still not understanding this roadie lark!
    Looking something lighter than my fulcrum 7’s
    Lost in a world of deep section or not, carbon or alloy

    Thinking light rather than deep section?


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    FarSports 38mm carbon tubs? Be my choice I reckon. Or clinchers for simplicity.


    Just get out and race on whatever you have. If you are riding 4th cat then there is a reasonable chance of crashes, do you want an expensive pair of wheels in that situation? Gains are marginal and people get a bit carried away with carbon, deep section etc.

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    Are you planning on keeping the fulcrum 7’s as training wheels, or running your new wheels all the time? If swapping and changing, you might want to think about something else from fulcrum, with the same width rim so brakes feel consistent and the cassette position is the same so limit screws and gear shifting don’t need to be altered. If swapping between carbon and aluminium rims you will want to also be changing the brake pads.

    Run Fulcrum 7’s for cross, and have found them to be bombproof and reliable, did have some carbons they now live on my rollers as the braking was rubbish.


    I race on some used Ksyrium Elites I bought for £180. My rule in Cat 4 is simple: don’t race what you can’t afford to replace next week. For masters E1234, the nice carbon faired Giant p-slr1 aeros come out.

    Prob just keep them on the bike.
    I know the fulcrum 7’s would do but still fancy something lighter and pimpier!

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    Fulcrum Racing 5’s, bit lighter and slot straight in for race days, and if you want deeper sections Quattro’s.

    MTB Rob

    Stans do some wheels, or get the rims and do a custom build,
    Shimano do tubeless as well as a few others,
    A good alloy rim/wheel can be lighter than carbons (and cost lot cheaper)

    Tubeless you get the best of both worlds!

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    I’ve got the EA70 on one of my bikes. Nice wheels. Although definitely more flexy than my Ksyriums.

    I’d agree though with what has already been said. Having super light wheels isn’t the biggest difference in road racing unless you are riding somewhere really hilly. Even then you are better off trying to lose some weight yourself.


    I’d go for these carbon clinchers
    or just race what you have


    I had some extralight hyper climb wheels 1190g pair alloy rim and clincher
    Swapped them off the bike because the rear hub needs looking at and the
    Easton Orion spare wheels just make the bike feel slow

    Maybe its in my head , probably is

    But for race use I’d pick something used or cheap ish to replace


    @orangeboy. Bloody hell! That’s light for wired on. Is that real weight and do you notice any flex?


    I’d guess you don’t need deep section for most lower level bunch road races. You’ll be in a group, probably finishing with a bunch sprint in my experience so the aero advantages are minimal.

    There are a lot of pace changes if you are not at the front. So any improvement in acceleration is an advantage. On open roads you may find the signalling coming back is not that great and given the extra speed you may find you hit more holes and stones that you would do on a well organised club run.

    Fulcrum 7s will be fine. I raced for ages on Aksiums. If you want new wheels I really rate the RS80s been running them for 2 summers as my only set of wheels. Strong enough to cope with potholes and light. Deep section look pretty, planet x have some. Carbon rims can be sketchy especially in the wet. Tubs can be a faff. I did look at the aluminium braking surface deep section options but stuck with what I have.


    I presently have three sets of Aksiums on the go with various tyres and states of wear. There good enough for my abilities and bank balance.

    If you do go for some c.£500 factory wheels it may be worthwhile getting from a lbs who will true them or source spokes later down the line. The one I use price matched merlin.


    another vote for RS80 – Planet X normally have them on offer aswell.


    Wish I’d seen those carbon clinchers, when I bought my Wheelsmith 23’s but they’re pretty good anyway.

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