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  • What were you doing aged 10?
  • jeffcapeshop

    Well i remember once going so slowly that i fell over sideways into a ditch full of nettles. pretty similar.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    ‘Not this’ ill wager! Apologies if bin dun….


    Premier Icon somafunk

    I dunno…… 😉 (self satisfied smug grin) , at that age i was doing some pretty hairy stuff on my motocross bikes, i cleared the hawkstone british gp doubles at 12yrs old on a borrowed 125cc, cleared the 50 ft tabletop at Gleniffer braes whilst lying it flat and was quite happy to pop my big wheeled KX80 (stan stephens tuned) on the back wheel from 1st through to flat out in 5th along the beach.

    I’m a big feartie jessie now at the age of 40, still love the smell of putoline two stroke oil though.

    Premier Icon ton

    Aged 10? in 1970? what was I doing?
    What I was told.


    unlike goody-two-shoes oldgit above (who’s not as old as I thought) I was most certainly not doing what I was told..

    In fact, that’s a lie.. I was doing what I was told but I was also doing plenty that I wasn’t told..

    I’d been smoking for a whole year.. I had smoked dope at a party down the road thrown by the local scooter boys, we’d sussed out a way into the depot of the cider factory (having grown out of the painful and sadistic apple fights), I was eating hedgehog flavour crisps, practising breakdancing at the youthclub, jumping my bmx over ramps in the street and snogging Bernadette Atkins in the long grass..


    Realising it wasn’t just for pissing out of

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    Skateboarding, bmx and just started surfing.

    Premier Icon CheesybeanZ

    1973 I had an orange Raleigh chopper which I could tie my fishing creel to the seat and the rod along the frame plus lots of rabbit snaring and managed to find the odd pheasant or 2 , great times 😀

    Premier Icon kayak23

    Same as that, only on a Chopper.. 8)
    Don’t know they’re born etc…

    Premier Icon Drac

    Playing Manic Miner, making fires, building dens, riding bikes, shooting air rifles, ferreting and just generally boy stuff.


    Fixing my own punctures(a subject that comes up repeatedly in the workshop when we’re up to our necks in bike-builds, and there’s a long queue of flat tyred bikes also waiting).


    Inventing mountain bikes. I didn’t have the business acumen to make something of it though.


    Igniting lighter fuel fires… in my bedroom!


    Which wheels for a 10 yr old?

    Premier Icon wallop

    Jumping and custard.

    riding around the cul-de-sac, riding around the block, playing football, playing searchlight, throwing bouncy balls around and watching them disappear over peoples houses, garden creeping, camping out in dog pens, annoying the neighbours, racing down the road on skateboards… crazy summer water fights, you get the picture… waiting for manic miner to load on my brothers spectrum,….still waiting…..




    and eating Barry McGuigan nettle flavour crisps


    Mud fights and crabbing when the tide went out/jetty jumping and enjoying the wake of the container ships going past when the tide was high(the only “surf” available in the Thames Estuary)…. riding my Rayleigh Night Burner… my first kiss with some girl from Walsall on holiday in Salou … and working bloody hard for my 11+ while I could hear my mates playing out in the street

    Premier Icon ben

    qwerty – Member

    Igniting lighter fuel fires… in my bedroom!

    That makes two of us! I also used to ignite them in my den, generally featuring matchbox cars.

    Premier Icon jameso

    I didn’t smoke, I didnt drink booze
    I collected Starwars figures and bubblegum tattoos
    Stuck em on my face cos it made me feel hard
    Then go down the shops to buy some football cards
    Finish the album, Panini ’83
    Then back home for the A-team and tea
    watch Bullseye and Saint and Greavsie,
    Then go to bed till tommorrow, see


    Bicycle Moto Cross.

    Star Wars.


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